First Grade Newsletter

October 12-16

What Color Is Today?

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Green

Wednesday: Blue

Thursday: Purple

Friday: Red

Important Dates to Remember:

10/12...Parent Teacher Conferences--See your teacher’s website for more information.

10/12….NO SCHOOL for students

10/30...Blast from the Past--see info below

Socktober--2nd grade is collecting socks for those in need. Consider donating new socks for this cause. Donation bins are found in the main hallway of our school.

Notes from the Teachers

Thank you for all the support for the jog-a-thon!! We are so proud of all the students!! Can't wait to hear the grand total of money raised!

Looking Ahead

10/30--Blast from the Past!

First grade students will be learning about how things have changed over time. To celebrate this unit, students will dress up on 10/30. They may dress as a famous person from the past or dress to represent a decade (think 60’s, 80’s!!) More info will be coming home soon.

Learning Highlights!!


*Skip counting by 5’s, 10’s

*Adding to 10

__+ __= 10 or __+__+__=10

*adding nickels and pennies then comparing the values


Hunks & Chunks:

/ar/ and /or/


We will be reviewing how to spell cvc words (consonant/vowel/consonant) making sure to practice those short vowel sounds!


We will continue to work on retelling stories that we read. A retell bracelet was made in class for the students to use when retelling their reading homework book.


Students will review the writing rubric for this 9 weeks and work on a final writing sample. We will be looking for a story that has 1 topic, spaces, and punctuation.

Social Studies/Science:

Voting!!! We will have three candidates who are wanting to become president of 1st grade!! The students will participate in a mock election on Friday!!

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