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Setting Availability - 3/28/13

Remember how in CLC someone's name was bolded if they were online and you could chat with them?
How the heck do I find out if people are online when I'm online?!?

If you go to the top right corner of your screen you will see your name and then a little square. That square may be green, yellow, red, white, etc. This is where you can sign in and Out of Instant Messaging (IM) or set your Availability for others to see. So if you click your name you will see this menu.
Why is this important? Well if you are like me and NEVER log out of everything, you might want to set your status to Appear Away if you are not at your desk or Busy. Or set it to Available when you are on your computer, or sign out of IM All together.

Now when I am looking at emails you should see that square next to the persons name to indicate their availability at that time that you are reading their message.
Remember that schools are being migrated into Outlook a few at a time. So if a school has not been migrated yet the indicators will most likely always be Not signed in, but as more and more come online you should see more and more colored dots. For now, enjoy knowing the availability of our CES co-workers.

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