The Maori People

Art, War, And Language


The Maori people speak Maori which is one of the three major languages along with English and New Zealand Sign Language. It wasnt until the Maori language Act passed in 1987 that Maori became one of the three official languages of New Zealand. Most speakers of Maori are residants of New Zealand.


Traditional art of the Maori people is wood carvings they wood also paint on stone walls and wood. Also tattoing was a big part of thier culture. MAori art was highly traditional and spirutiual, and it was rarely jut decrotive. They used weaving to create wall panels inside meeting houses.


The majority of the Maoris poeples wars were over land. Most Amoris patroits would not hesitate to fight for the last tribal land. The Maoris sometimes had to endure the confiscation of thier land due to the outcome of wars. Many times it was the forgein Uropeans that takke the land from the people.