Graphic Elements

By Ibrahim, Cole, and Ryosuke


Capitalizing letters in the first word of the line is a poetry tradition. You have to capitalize the first letter of the first word in every line regardless of the beginning of the sentence. In a book you have to capitalize every time there is a period, exclamation, or question mark, in a poem you capitalize every beginning of a line.

Example below:

Hope is the thing with feathers-

That perches in the soul-

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Word Position

Word position shows the connections between words and ideas. It is also the way a word is placed in a poem to help create a meaning. It shows the different format of the poem. Word position is basically the way the words are positioned to make sense. Word Position in a poem is different than in a Novel you don't have different structures.


Silence around us

Our Watchful eyes here the world

Hands do the talking


They are usually grouped together by the rhyme pattern and/or number of lines that they have. They are also known as the verses. In a Novel they don't have stanzas.

Example shown below:

Stanzas are at every part with pause like a empty line.

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Without punctuation the words won't flow all together. Punctuation such as commas are used to show when the reader should slow down. They are the same as in the novel.

Example shown below:





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