February 25, 2016

From the Marketing Desk

Many of the conversations these days seem to start with the phrase, "today's buyers...". That was a recurrent theme at last week's Business Alignment Meeting (BAM) in Orlando, Florida as well, where many of the RA Business Managers threaded their pitches with thought-leadership nuggets around how we are gradually changing the way that we connect & serve our customers, namely through increased digitization of our marketing efforts. In order for this goal to be achieved, there has to be alignment of this vision in the field. As a Field Marketing Team, we are right in the crosshairs of this change every day & it is the focus of much of what we do. There are 3 ways in particular that I think this manifests itself: 1.) our hyper focus on webinars; 2.) our social selling champions program; 3.) our steadfast focus on a regional closed loop leads process. Each one of these areas are intricately connected in such a way as to support & amplify the others. The more we connect & align digitally with our customers, for instance, the greater the reach we get from our webinar promotions. Similarly, the more efficiently our closed loop leads process works, the more traction we get our of our demand generation webinars. All of this will web-base behavior will gradually create a digital footprint for our customer, which can be rolled up into customer intelligence and ultimately serve as the basis of future market strategies.
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  • Grand Rapid's RAOTM planning season kicked off this week
  • Pittsburgh's RAOTM website is now LIVE!
  • OnTour season is ramping up, so we are busy constructing a regional sharepoint site that will allow you to report back on the success of your event. Look out for an email!
  • We now have a new "one stop" email box for locally generated leads such as news stories, inside info, social media tips, etc..: RAEastleads@ra.rockwell.com
  • CLRT targets are due at the end of February
  • Customer loyalty surveys will be coming out in March.


Upcoming Webinars

  • 2/23 - Safety Strategies: Assessments, Protective Measures & Conceptual Design
  • 3/2 - Premier Integration for Drives, Value of Condition Monitoring
  • 3/15 - Safety - Detailed Design: Moving from concept to reality
  • 4/6 - Network Design & Security: Secure Your Environment
  • 4/20 - LO/TO
  • 5/4 - Metrics/Vantagepoint- Increase Intelligence For Better Decision Making
  • 5/17- The Evolution of Smarter Machines: Improve Productivity through Integration of I/O Link Technology for Sensors
  • 6/1 - Integrated electrical and mechanical protection for pumps & motors

*** Have a great Webinar idea? Contact your designated FMS! ***

Upcoming Industry Events

3/9-3/11 - Ohio Safety Congress, Columbus, OH

3/23-3/24 - Marcellus & Manufacturing Development Conference, Charleston, WV

4/19- 4/20 - Michigan Safety Event, Grand Rapids, MI

For more information on these & other events, please visit the Eastern Region Commercial Calendar https://rockwellautomation.sharepoint.com/teams/AS/EasternRegionSP/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx

Which Cupcake Will You Choose?

Are you the champion for a Q3 commercial event in your territory? If so, it's time to contact your designated FMS for marketing support. Direct to customer emails, landing pages & contact segmentations all require a minimum of 8 weeks lead time!

5 Tips For Keeping Your Mgr Off Your Back About Leads

  1. Check the Distributor Lead Portal once a week for aging leads (CSE's only).
  2. Before you export a lead be sure the BPID# field is filled in. Bogus or blank BPIDs will not permit upload to CRM. Work with our local Ops team to obtain BPID.
  3. Verify leads have been completely processed through Dynamics - either rejected or converted. Leads in limbo can negatively impact the scorecard.
  4. Be sure to add the Auto Fair Campaign ID to all CRM opportunities that were advanced by the event (no lead left behind policy!)
  5. Qualify leads as soon as you can so they don't accumulate.

*** For more information or technical support, contact your local FMS or Operations team member, or see Noggin page below.

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5 Daily Tasks To Keep You Social

  1. Follow up every customer meeting with a LI connection request (Tip: Personalize it!)
  2. Use LI to research one of your top accounts - identify new contacts, scan for "triggers" that might warrant a call, look for competitive threats.
  3. Join a relevant industry group & look for opportunities to provide thought-leadership, connect with new people or promote an event.
  4. Click on the profiles of your peers and "endorse" them for relevant skills
  5. Share at least one piece of content a day and/or digitally support that of your peers, customers, partners


Ultimately, its about getting the right message to the right people, so the more that we connect with our customers & each other, the greater the impact of our content sharing.


LinkedIn Elevate - Training/Launch

Wednesday, March 16th, 12pm

Contact your local FMS for more information

Rockwell is part of a 12 month pilot of LinkedIn's new Elevate platform which will make digital content curation & sharing so easy "my grandmother could do it" (no offense grandma :) The more of us sharing this carefully curated content- including around The Connected Enterprise , RAOTMs and webinars - the greater our regional brand awareness in those strategic areas. Elevate truly makes social selling a powerful & seamless experience. For more information, contact Heidi Latsko,


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From the Desk of Patrick Dobson

Subject: OnTour Equipment

Please refrain from putting tape and labels on the laptops and demos as this becomes almost impossible to remove (see picture). Please advise distributors against as well

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