Growth Of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts - By: Rachel Mondloch

Calligraphy and Painting

The Japanese used the writing utensils such at the brush and ink on paper, much like the Chinese. Writing was considered a way to express beauty, in calligraphy the different shapes and sizes of the strokes all have different meanings. Paintings on silk scrolls began in the 600's. These designs are detailed and represent landscapes, historical events, and daily life.

Flower Arranging and Gardening

These are other traditions that where brought to Japan. People tried to emphasize the beauty of nature and flowers. one way that this was shone was the Bonsai tree, which is the art of growing miniature trees in small trays or pots. The themes are simplicity which helped find natural beauty, and it helped people think.

Essential and reveiw questions!

Essential - What themes are reflected in Japanese art?

Review - How did Japanese culture reflect a interest in natural beauty?