Blue Humanoids Found!!

Shocking Discovery of Intelligent Beings on Pandora

What Are They?

What we think we know is that these much taller, blue humanoids are indeed descendants of Africans. About 10 years ago archaeologists were digging in the Sahara Desert of Chad and uncovered what scientists believe to be a relic from aliens who visited our planet about 10 million years ago; the relic is shown in a picture below. Again this is all speculation at this point but what scientists believe is that aliens came to Earth about 10 million years ago, stole some Africans and took them to Pandora to see how they would adapt over time.

The Evolution of It

How it happened

It is apparent that these creatures look very similar to humans but how did humans change into 10 foot tall blue humanoids? Scientists are still working out the details but they have a pretty good idea of how this evolution occurred. The other creatures of Pandora are much larger than animals on Earth, so most of the shorter humans were eaten before they could reproduce while the taller humans lived to pass on their genes. By natural selection the race got taller over millions of years. Their anatomy is almost identical to that of a human and they are omnivores like humans as well. Their diet consists mostly of fruits growing on their planet and the meat of six legged deer like animals.