By: Abby Rodriguez


Volcanoes are very dangerous so as far away as possible according to weatherwizkids.com they have a magma pool at the bottom. They can even cause lightning too but those are the bad ones. Lava also takes a while to cool down since its a bad partner with heat. These are just some of the stuff volcanoes do.

Volcano poem


The skies darkened all around the lightning flicked

the volcano was getting ready to explode.


The volcano blew up raining lava shaking the ground

and anything near.


Went the rushing lava down the hill

A volcano is a mountain with a pool of molten rock

below the surface of the earth.

Volcano eruptions can cause tsunamis, flash floods,

mudflows, earthquakes, and rockfalls.

Volcanic Lightning (dirty thunderstorms) can make

some of the most powerful lightning storms.

Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the

earth's upper mantle works its way into the surface.

A volcanic eruption is a explosive eruption that shoots

new lava fragments without a rounded shape.