Recognize It!

Cyberbullying... How do I Recognize It?

To recognize cyberbullying you have to find the symptoms. Cyberbullying can be very harsh and it does hurt people. If someone you know is being cyberbullied but you aren't sure here are some ways to figure out they are being cyberbullied

1. They are sad and depressed

2. They turn off their computer when you walk by

3. They become very shy

4. They are extremely moody and don't want to go on any type of technology

5. Their grades are dropping and don't want to go to school

6. Sometimes cyber bullying can cause anxiety which is a disorder that is caused because of nervousness, worry,and or intimidation.

Choosing The Topic

I chose this topic because I thought this topic had to be out there. I wanted to inform everyone that cyberbullying is out there and there are some ways to recognize it. I really believe that there is a way to fix this problem.

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