Panther Roar!


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Thanks to Mr. Clark for teaching ALL 6th grade World Cultures classes ALL day long one day last week for our unit on the Middle East. The kids loved hearing about his experiences in the Middle East and really were able to tie it in to their knowledge about the geography of the Middle East region.

-Kelly Salazar

Thank you Robin Young for posting "Panther Pointers in the Potty." Haha It's useful.

-Michelle Salazar

Kudos to Mr. Lucas, Mr. Sralla, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Rozsa for their help and technical expertise during the high school graduation plan guidance lessons for 6th graders. From assisting with the power point as a designated clicker, turning off their jams to better hear the Cedar Ridge band video clip, to labeling and leaving things set up for me, these Science guys are out of this world!

-Carrie Proctor

Kudos to Marissa Hall! I recently received an unexpected notice that my little boy was sick and was scrambling to put things together for my absence and wondering who could take care of my classes. By the time I talked to Marissa again, she already had a plan in place and helped relieve my stress!


Kudos to Rachel O'Quin for posting the Language Arts TEKS for the current unit on the wall. What a great benefit for students and teachers!


Many thanks to Elaine McConnell for going above and beyond her call of duty with all the different ways she offers and provides help to both teachers and students. Her most recent contribution has been Cornell study notes to help students prepare for vocabulary quizzes, and this has definitely benefited both special ed. and regular students as well.


7th grade MATH TEAM! I know that we feel beat down with all the new and difficult TEKS this year (and often wish it were already summer) but you are doing a great job! Thank you for always working hard, being patient and using countless hours outside of work to get the job done. You are amazing!

-Natalie Ortega

Thank you so much to all who came out and supported our 8th grade girls basketball teams vs. Deerpark: Mr. Mutscher, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Proctor, Ms. Causey, Mrs. Rice, Nurse Johnson, Mrs. Felkel, Mrs. Jones, Coach Cornejo, Coach Aguinaga, Mr. Garrison, Coach Phelps, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Kay, Mr. So, Mrs. Pinson and the Cheerleaders. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry, and THANK YOU!

-Jodi Choate

Monday 01/26 - Brown Bag for 8th grade parents Topic: High School Transition 6:00 pm in Cafeteria

Monday 01/26 - Girls Basketball vs Hopewell (7th @ RMS) (8th @ Hopewell

Wednesday 01/28 - Wacky Weds Theme - Football Jersey Day

Thursday 01/29 - Boys Basketball vs Hopewell (7th @ RMS) (8th @ Hopewell)

Monday 02/02 - Incoming 9th grade Parent Information Night at Cedar Ridge HS

Monday 02/02 - Girls Basketball vs Hernandez (7th @ Hernandez) (8th @ RMS)

Tuesday 02/03 - Incoming 6th grade Parent Information Night @ 6pm - RMS Gym

Wednesday 02/04 - Wacky Weds Theme - Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday 02/04 - Early Release @ 1:30. 8th graders to visit Cedar Ridge HS

Thursday 02/05 - Boys Basketball vs Hernandez (7th @ Hernandez) (8th @ RMS)

Thursday 02/05 - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Musical @ 7:00 in Cafe

Friday 02/06 - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Musical @ 7:00 in Cafe

Saturday 02/07 - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Musical @ 7:00 in Cafe

Sunday 02/08 - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Musical @ 3:00 in Cafe

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Jennifer Ratica 1/4, Siri Ralph 1/8, Robin Ostlund 1/10, Natasha Jones 1/22, Mark Cornejo 1/24, Stacy Meisetschlaeger 1/28,