Degrees of Murder

By: Jenny, Murt, and Brooklynne

Learning Goal

You will learn the differences between first, second, and third degree murder. And what each of them are.

Read the Information provided below and then scroll down in order and complete activities as shown.

First Degree Murder

  • planned to kill
  • planned out the murder
  • death penalty
  • ex. serial killer

Second Degree Murder

  • intended to kill

  • didn’t plan out the murder

  • 10 years in prison

  • ex. rage shooting


  • accidental murder

  • usually murdered because of another felony

  • 1-6 years in prison
  • ex. shooting a gun at a wall and unintentionally killing a person on the other side of the wall
Write down your answer to each riddle below on a notecard.

What type of degree of murder is this?

A man always carries his pocket knife in his back pocket. One day he saw a group of black kids playing a guitar on the sidewalk. This man always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Frustrated by how well these black kids could play the guitar, he went up to them and stabbed them all with his pocket knife.

What type of degree of murder is this?

The man was drunk driving and he swerved and hit another car. The other car got off the road and flipped over. The man died inside the car due to it flipping over.

What type of degree of murder is this?

A man sees a kid walking home from school everyday. He knows the kid's father. His father as a child defeated him in a swimming competition. He still holds the grudge of losing to that kid's father. One afternoon he realizes to get back at his father he needs to kill his child. He plans out the murder by figuring out the location where there is no one around him on his way home. The next day he executes his plan and successfully kills the child.


Check for Understanding

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