Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars

What's Happening in ELC2:

This Week - Week 8

  • Tuesday-24 March: Kep Kaatijin Incursion in celebration of Harmony Week
  • Friday-27 March: Harmony Day - Please bring a gold coin

Next Week - Week 9

  • Thursday-2 April: Last Day of Term 1

Harmony Day Tomorrow!

To celebrate Harmony Day children are invited to dress up in national costumes or international dress for a gold coin donation tothe Kidney Foundation. The canteen is offering a variety of international dishes on the menu for lunch orders.

The development of essential skills in literacy and numeracy in Year 1

ELC2 students have completed the On-entry Assessment Program Module 2 in literacy and numeracy. We know that early literacy and numeracy skills are essential building blocks for sound, lifelong learning. The main purpose of this assessment has been to collect further information on the development of these essential literacy and numeracy skills and understandings of your child. This information is assisting me in ensuring that the learning programs in our class are targeted to meet and develop each child’s learning requirements.

We understand that there are many things that can impact on a child’s growth and development, and that each child develops at their own rate and in their own way.

Next week I will be sending home a Parent summary for literacy and numeracy Module 2, providing an overview of your child’s responses to questions and tasks completed as part of the assessment. Summaries also provide some ideas about how you can help your child at home.

For parents I have already met with to discuss On Entry:

I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to discuss your child's On Entry results, it has been an absolute privilege. As a Year One teacher I very much see my role as a partnership with parents in supporting each student to fulfill their potential and get the most out of their first year of formal schooling. I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of each child's context and history from these conversations, assisting me to better help me support each child's individual needs.

For parents I have not met with to discuss On Entry yet:

Up to this point I have arranged meetings upon request and would now like to open it up to all parents. I would encourage you to have a personal meeting with me regarding On Entry, if possible, so we can go through the summary together. This is a great opportunity to touch base with each family and provides me the opportunity to:

  • Receive valuable feedback on how your child is reflecting and enjoying school
  • Answer any queries you may have and address any problems
  • Share and celebrate your child's strengths and achievements with you
  • Discuss any areas of need and how these will be targeted in the classroom
  • Give you a general overview of how they are settling in to Year One and strategies we use to promote independence, solid work habits and a strong resilience in every student

Assembly Item - Bucket Filling!

Our Assembly will be next term in week 2. The date will be Friday May 1st from 8:35am. The theme of our item is taken from our health and well-being unit on becoming good Bucket Fillers! Today we began learning our song. The class made a terrific start today so I have sent home the lyrics to practise with your help (Please see the YouTube link below)
Bucket Fillers - Nature Jams - Lyrics Video
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