House on obligation street

By: Austin Gutierrez


when the ball flies between my teammates legs I know what I have to do, I know that it is my job to protect the quarter back at all cost. And I know that that is my position and what I'm supposed to do but outside of football I still wonder why I feel so much obligation. As if everything that is asked is not what I should do but my job to do; almost if I am incapable of saying no. when my dad asks someone to take out the trash or load the dishwasher I'm always the first to volunteer. its almost like there is an auto pilot switch that I have no control over.


is it a bad thing to be normal? i know that it isn't but at times i feel that I need to be doing more that everyone else and when i don't i feel that i need to be punished like I did something wrong. one day when me and my sister came home from she said that she had gotten a 100 on her science test but i had only gotten a 95. i know that a 95 is good but it just wasn't good enough. I felt a drive like a magnet to a piece of metal, as if I had to do better like I was obligated to. Also when my mom brings home food or something of that matter I always feel the need to get less than my portion as if I think that other people in my family have an obligation over me.


these vignettes shaped my identity because I wrote it base on how I feel. I cant relate to the problems I the book because like Esparanza I also don't like my name. I have experienced a coming of age when I don't ask my parents for money and don't tell them about my problem because I feel older and I fix it myself. I did not like the read because I was never able to get engaged in the story because of the fact that is was always changing.