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June 2022 Edition

Dear Raven Families,

Welcome to Raven's Call, your digital newsletter to keep you up to date on all things Raven. This quarterly newsletter via SMORE will have an overview of highlights from each of our 6 Raven offices. Within this electronic version​ of our newsletter,​ you have easy-access to your local office news and resources.

​We are looking forward to another successful year and hope you will share​ pictures of your learning adventures with your local offices to be included throughout the year.

If you have questions, please contact Maegan,

- Raven Homeschool

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Commencement represents the culmination of a student’s academic achievement with Raven. It is a time of celebration and reflection for students, families, friends, and staff as we come together to share in the joy of the goals accomplished by our graduates. Raven is extremely proud of each of our graduates and their exceptional homeschooling parents!

To all the family and friends of our graduates, we would like to thank and honor you for the support and encouragement you have offered and in many cases the sacrifices you have made so that your student could achieve success.

To our graduates, we know that you will continue to serve and empower others in your own distinctive way as you reach to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Remember you have an outstanding support network in your family and friends who are willing to lift you up and empower you to accomplish great things. Each of you are a unique, special and amazing person. There will never be another you. Dream, wonder, inspire others and believe in yourself, as we believe in you, and you will accomplish your dreams!

Anchorage graduates:

  • Titus Dean Acton
  • Sofia Acuna
  • Tren Andrew
  • Tiffany Balts
  • Ryann Beaver
  • Gabriel Boyles
  • Howard Burton
  • Kaylee Cabbab
  • Emma Carte
  • Theresa Cooley
  • Jonah Dempsey
  • Maxwell Dupree
  • Bryn Edwardsen
  • Mele Filise
  • Kuango Filise
  • Christine Foster
  • Jase Gallen
  • Isabella Haddix
  • Angelina Headlough
  • Sophia Headlough
  • Hannah Hefling
  • James Hottenstein
  • Kevin Michael Inocencio
  • Morgan Layton
  • Valencia Little
  • Joshua Moss
  • Princess Natividad
  • Marcus Newbold
  • Serena Panchot
  • Dathon Paul
  • Caitlynn Robinson
  • Brett Robinson
  • Mitchell Sheppard
  • Malyka Suseberry
  • Rosie Suseberry
  • Jaideven Tabios-Su'esu'e
  • Thilmant Vaiagae
  • Milton Vaiagae
  • Xavia Valverde
  • Kavon Vanxay
  • Jinvahn Vongnakhone
  • Jesse Wulf

Delta graduates:

  • Vasiliy Baburkin
  • Elizabeth Gamber
  • Tanner Green
  • Alexander Groppel
  • Stephen Hunt
  • Daniel Kucherenko
  • Kseneya Kulikovskiy
  • Aaron Nebeker
  • Nataliia Radchyshyna
  • Alina Shastitko
  • Natalya Sinenko
  • Samuel Yantsen
  • Lesya Zastavskaya

Eagle River graduates:

  • Corban Carruba
  • Ozzriah Dunton
  • Virginia Lawson
  • Kelsey Nielsen
  • McKenzie Ormsby
  • Gianna Unterberger
  • Kira Varney

Fairbanks graduates:

  • Elizabeth Ashley
  • Tatyana Ashley-Moore
  • Kassandra Austin
  • Amanda Bador
  • Hayden Baldwin
  • Austin Beasley
  • Dakota Beasley
  • Kelsie Bennett
  • Raymond Borash
  • Trenitee Borst
  • Nathan Bradley
  • Kiya Brown
  • Samuel Button
  • Hunter Calderara
  • Shelby Canon
  • Makayla Clayton
  • Shayana Cogdill
  • Meagan Cook
  • Alexandra Correa
  • Sianna Crawford
  • Jared Curry
  • Gabriel Dennis
  • Jinjoo Dorman
  • Jayden Dufrense
  • Skyler Ervin
  • Emily Evans
  • Brian Forrest
  • Sydnee Renae Gaston
  • Skyler Gillespie
  • Jaden Gollwitzer
  • Nicole Gregory
  • Shelby Gunnels
  • Gennesaret Halbert
  • Ashton Harris
  • Luke Hartman
  • Kylee Hines
  • Charlee Hubb
  • Jenna Inman
  • Shawn Jenkins
  • Jaden Jones
  • Amelia Knavel
  • Emily Kramer
  • Leah Kruger
  • Jon Kulik
  • Veronica Lawrence
  • Keeley Leonard
  • Makayla Machacek
  • Rebekah Malenfant
  • Julia Martynyuk
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Mark Novy
  • Harmony Pelkola
  • Reuben Pelkola
  • Hannah Pelno
  • Jessica Pelno
  • Lara Peterson
  • Tyler Phillips
  • Adrian Platzke
  • Andrew Pottinger
  • Daniel Rattana
  • Kael Robinett
  • Travon Rodgers
  • Sebastian Rodriguez-Cardenas
  • Ramie Schramm
  • Jayce Slifer
  • Desmond Solis
  • Camry Solomon
  • Jacquelyn Sommer
  • Ky-mani South
  • Andrea Starr
  • Kendall Swart
  • Cheyenne Swart-Moisan
  • Christian Thomas
  • Maria Ticas
  • Noelia Toscano-Arteaga
  • Riley Trapp
  • Joseph Tryon
  • Kiesha Tyson
  • Weston Vakhrushev
  • Mia Vent
  • Ainsley Watson
  • Ethan Woody

Juneau graduates:

  • Michelle Adams
  • Donald Bischoff
  • Sophia Brockman
  • Mikayla Bryant
  • Marilla Cabrigas-Blatnick
  • Sierra Clark
  • Hailee Cunningham
  • Alexandra Earls
  • Madison Earls
  • Kathryn Gray
  • Jaqai Harris
  • Samuel Jones
  • Sarah Kearns
  • Leo Kotlarov
  • Dominick McDonald-Cox
  • Araeya McKnight
  • Haeley Nalan
  • Faith Patterson
  • Alejandra Roman Cruz
  • Savannah Startz
  • Thomas Tupou
  • Rebecca Warren
  • Mallory Wheeler

Wasilla graduates:

  • Jasmine Adams
  • Emma Baum
  • Sebastian Brown
  • Taleah Carlile
  • Cyrus Cope
  • Wyatt Couch
  • Lora Crosley
  • Tacona Dakutak
  • Alysah Dodd
  • Brennan Dodd
  • Jacob Dodd
  • Kayleigh Dodd
  • Ashlynn Downing
  • Edward Eakins
  • Vestina Eakins
  • Joshua Elliott
  • Fredrick Elvsaas
  • Jacelyn Giacullo
  • Danyelle Glancy
  • Kayly Harrington
  • Sydney Harrington
  • Luke Horvath
  • Ian Howell
  • Cody Kelly
  • Kayla King
  • Kaelie Lee
  • Brighten Lemery
  • Alera Libbey
  • Jordan Milsap
  • Bradley Moore III
  • Kyle Pearson
  • Morgen Phillips
  • Richard Powell
  • Lorayne Rios
  • Tyler Robb
  • Makenna Smith
  • Shaun Stimson
  • Harmony Stone-Ennen
  • Jeshua Taylor
  • Aydan Terry
  • Tristan Vandever
  • Nathan Zeffery

From the Director's Desk:

Dear Raven Families,

As our summer is in full swing, I would like to express how grateful I am to each of you for your role in our amazing community of learners, parents, and staff. It has been an amazing year! I am so proud of all of the achievements and accomplishments of our students and parents! This would not be possible without your support, dedication, and teamwork.

Reflecting on the past school year, we have had so many opportunities to make great memories and participate in exciting activities with others.

Looking ahead, we have a full slate of wonderful opportunities and field trips for the coming year. If you have something special you would like us to consider, please reach out to your local office.

We are always focused on improving all aspects of our school. In the coming year, we will continue to focus on reading, math, and being ready for life after high school. We successfully completed the accreditation process to maintain our accreditation. Thank you to all that participated in this process. To further our focus on improving, we will be offering additional opportunities for parents, specifically regarding the Measure of Academic Progress program as the information for parents as teachers is exceptional, practical, and useful as you teach your children.

We will continue to look to and support parents as our partners in your child’s education as we know you are their first and most important teacher.

A final word to students: Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year. I am so honored to serve you and your family; you make all of us proud. You keep me laughing and young at heart. I am grateful for your joy, astute insights, and amazing talents. Best wishes to our graduates, whom we will miss greatly—please come back and visit as you are always welcome and we love to hear about your accomplishments.

A final word to parents: A special heartfelt thank you to you for all the things you do small, large, and unimaginable! Thank you for your partnership which is so important to homeschool. We appreciate all you do each and every day for your children!!!

Please be sure to take time as a family to talk, play, and READ together.

I look forward to seeing you in August. To those of you who are leaving us for new places we wish you all the best and will be here if you need us in the future.

Until next school year, here’s wishing you love, laughter, and lots of fun summer learning.

- Kim Bergey

Raven Homeschool Director

Big picture
Raven-wide PAC Meeting Recording 5-25-22

Counselor's Corner:

Congratulations to our graduates!

Raven is proud of your accomplishments and excited to present such a large number of awards and scholarships to this year's graduating seniors for the 2022 school year. Wishing you all the best with your educational endeavors!

Summer Jobs?

Working a summer job isn’t something that every student considers. Some don’t have to. Some don’t want to. But we’re here to tell you that it can be advantageous to the rest of your educational career, and it can serve you quite well in your life after school. So get your applications out there while owners and managers are looking for seasonal help for the summer. Here are 4 reasons that should convince you:

  • Getting ahead - You may just have a part-time job that doesn’t seem like it will matter in the grand scheme of things, but don’t be so quick to dismiss what you’re accomplishing in showing up for work every day and being a reliable employee. The sooner that you can get a taste of the working world, the further ahead of your peers you will be. You’ll have the opportunity to see how businesses work from the bottom up, and you may even see areas that you can improve upon, thus tapping into your leadership qualities and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Building confidence - In many ways, your summer job is one of the first places that you can build your sense of identity and distinguish yourself from many of your peers. It opens up a new world for you beyond the walls of a high school or the reach of your parents - and yes, that is very empowering.
  • A chance to earn high school credit - Did you know you can earn high school credit for your Job? You sure can! Make sure you reach out to your advisory teacher about how you can earn credit.
  • A chance to explore who you are - A summer job can be especially helpful in waking you up to what you DON’T want to do. So many of these positions start at the point of lowest experience and education, and whether through working conditions, job responsibilities, or poor pay, a young employee can get a sense of how valuable education truly is in rising to the next level. Or you may end up loving your summer job so much that it turns you toward the career that will ultimately define you. Either way, the opportunities to explore who you are and what you want out of life are great perks.

While there is a temptation to take it easy once school is out, getting a summer job can keep you active, sharp, and guide you toward a more successful future, both in school and in life. Best of luck submitting those applications!


Megan Rosendall | Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla | | 907.622.6631

Ryan Tilbury | Delta, Fairbanks, Juneau | | 907.374.9432

How to request transcripts & records:

Introduction to High School Workshops:

Introduction to Senior Year Workshops:

UAF Fully Online Degree Programs:

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Anchorage Office:

The most exciting part of the second semester was the production of “The Play”! A group of Anchorage Raven students created four mini plays from start to finish; they wrote the script, designed and constructed the set, developed the costumes and acted in the plays. We had over 100 people in the audience watching their work and everyone was amazed!

We’ve had several weekly workshops continue on through May to include Technology Club, Spanish Lessons, Handwriting Workshops, Sewing School, and Study Hall. We’ve also studied plants, bugs and turtles during our science workshops with Deb Fancher. A YKSD alumni came to our office and taught Athabascan Beading workshops! Students created beautiful necklaces and pendants with help from Kathleen Meckel. We had a very fun and hands-on field trip to the Museum of Science and Nature where we all learned about dinosaurs that used to roam throughout the state.

In May we had a lovely high school graduation ceremony where 30 students celebrated their accomplishments with their families! It was a beautiful evening full of laughter, excitement and encouragement for our newest graduates.

We’ve also celebrated the end of the 2021-2022 school year with a great end of year party at Oceanview Park! We had carnival games, a tie-dye activity and a station where students could plant seeds to bring home. During this party we also celebrated our kindergarten graduates with a small graduation ceremony! We had 13 kindergarten students who “walked” across the park and received a certificate, a bag of goodies and lots of cheers from the audience!

This has been a very busy and exciting school year, and we can hardly believe it’s almost over! Goodbye to 2021-2022 and hello to 2022-2023!

Delta Office:

April was busy with State Testing. Thank you to all who participated. We did have a couple of fun events. We hiked out to the Castner Glacier Ice Cave. It was a beautiful day! The cave was amazing seeing the layers and colors of ice. On the 25th we toured the Delta Junction Court House. We were able to sit in the Jury box and in the Magistrate’s chair. The highlight, of course, was sitting in the little jail cell hoping the Magistrate didn’t lock us in!

In May, we had a Mother’s Day Craft where students made paper flower bouquets and a special card for Mom. Our annual Walk to the Drive In was really short partly because the Drive In is now next door. But it was also very chilly, wet and windy that day. So we brought our ice cream back to the office and shared with each other while we ate. We celebrated the end of the school year with hotdogs, salads, and other yummy food our families brought to share. We played hopscotch, painted colorful banners for the office, made chalk drawings played with flying disks, a soccer ball and a parachute. The highlight of the month was the Kindergarten Graduation. Five young students participated in the short ceremony where they received a certificate and a graduation bear.

We began June with our High School Graduation. Students, parents and staff met the night before to set up, decorate and practice. There were six Seniors and one Junior that were able to participate in the ceremony that was held in the Delta Junction Community Center. It was a memorable time for all.

Looking Ahead:

June 9th - Father’s Day Craft

June 13th - Picnic/Hike at the Pull Out (Rest Area) by the Ft Greely Airfield

Heidi will be out of the office June 6-10 and 14-24

Julie will be out of the office June 27-July 5

June 30th - End of the 21-22 school year

July 1st - 22-23 School Year begins

July 1st - the office will be closed

July 4th - the office will be closed for Independence Day

July 5th - Julie will be out of the office

July 11th-15th - Heidi will be out of the office

July 18th - Hike the new River Walk Trail

July 22nd - Heidi will be out of the office

July 27th - Delta Raven Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

July 27th - Raven-Wide Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

July 29th - Heidi will be out of the office

Eagle River Office:

Even though our clubs have been wrapping up, our office seems to be busier than ever with several end-of-year events and celebrations! The end of May and beginning of June has seen a flurry of activity in our office.

May saw the end of most of our clubs, with a couple exceptions. Explorers’ Club is wildly popular and families are excited for it to continue through summer. Based in scouting, kids are learning a lot about the world around them! Gardening Club also saw a revival with spring and will continue until fall. The goal of this club is to help take care of some community flower beds around Eagle River.

We took a field trip to the Anchorage Museum where families spent time learning about the different native Alaskan cultures; families then spent time exploring the rest of the museum at their leisure.

Our end-of-year picnic was held at the end of May and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. We are fortunate to have a park across the street, so it was the obvious choice for a venue. Families enjoyed a potluck while visiting with friends, although it was bittersweet as we had to say goodbye to some families who are moving out of state. Kids helped create a chalk mosaic and spent time on the playground.

Eagle River held its first Kindergarten graduation and it was a huge hit! Upon arrival, kids got to decorate the tops of their caps. We then had the kids walk into the ceremony to pomp and circumstance and proceeded with a ceremony complete with interviews (so cute!) and the moving of the tassels. Afterward we visited and enjoyed cupcakes. Fun was had by all!

Another huge hit was our first ever high school graduation! We had a small group - just 3 grads, but that meant we got a chance to visit with each family and get to know them a little. Kim Bergey emceed the event, and Rep. Ken McCarty gave an inspirational speech. Afterward we enjoyed a catered dinner, then enjoyed sparkling cider and yummy cake. Our graduating class was so small, we were able to personalize it by putting all their names on the cake! At the end of the evening, we sent each grad home with a ‘lucky bamboo’ plant.

Lastly, in anticipation of the new school year, we held a curriculum swap in our office. Parents brought in gently used materials, Melissa organized it all, then we had parents join us for coffee and muffins while they shopped (for free) from the assortment. The turnout was better than we anticipated, and it was exciting to see families walking out with new-to-them materials for next year.

Student Recognition - Naomi:

Naomi has been busy in the wood shop building her kayak with her dad. They finished it just in time to sail her maiden voyage on Memorial Day! Naomi was very excited that it floats! She paddled across Beach Lake and back!

Fairbanks Office:

Mad Hatter Tea Party

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we hosted a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Students were able to enjoy a delicious spread of tasty treats. Once they recited their favorite poems, we displayed them in the office. We discussed the different poems presented, then made simple bird feeders.

Mother’s Day Crafternoon

Mothers were given time off to relax or run errands while their students participated in our Crafternoon. There were multiple crafts for students to choose from and board games to play once they finished their works of art. Students enjoyed a snack and a laid-back atmosphere where they could get to know one another while having fun.

Coyote Trail Farm Field Trip

We took a tour of a local fiber mill and learned about the detailed process it takes to turn an animals’ wool into usable yarn. We saw the different equipment in action, visited the Icelandic ewes and alpacas, and brushed out a musk ox hide to separate the raw qiviut fiber from the guard hairs.

Creamer’s Field Bird Watch and Bird Banding Station

During the end of April, Creamer’s Field becomes a menagerie of waterfowl. Our students were guided through stations in which they could find specific species, study Canada Goose behavior like a biologist in the field, and learn about waterfowl’s natural predators.

We also went on a guided walk to learn about Alaska’s songbirds. Members of the Alaska Songbird Institute demonstrated how they catch birds, band them, and how this information benefits scientists. Some students were able to help release the banded birds once their measurements were taken.

Calypso Farm

This field trip gave children a chance to become acquainted with Caylpso’s Shetland sheep. Students learned how the animals are taken care of and how their wool is used. Additionally, they learned some basic techniques for working with wool and took home their own felted or spun wool object.

Senior Campfire and Movie Night

We invited our seniors to enjoy a laid-back evening on Cinco de Mayo. Students were able to mingle prior to graduation. We had a taco bar and card games they could enjoy while they watched a movie. The students could also go outside, roast marshmallows and drink some hot


Recycling Center Field Trip

Our students received a tour of the Fairbanks Central Recycling Center. They learned what happens to the different items that are recycled, the difference in weight between each bale of recyclables, and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. We received a very intensive written presentation from Mark, the FCRC manager, for the students to continue their learning at home.

Earth Day Art Walk

Students were challenged to submit works of art made only out of recycled/reusable items. Use of other art media to enhance their creation was allowed, but most of the project was made from cleaned items that would have otherwise made it to the landfill. Once all projects were submitted, families were able to tour everyone’s creations.

Risse Greenhouse Tour

Students took a tour of a local greenhouse and learned about the different sun requirements for plants. They learned the different minerals that should be mixed with soil to create the perfect growing medium and how the staff are able to plant and maintain so many plants. Each student was given a generous number of plants and soil to take home to practice what they learned.

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation was May 25th at the Wedgewood gazebo. We had 15 students participate in the ceremony, and a full house to cheer them on.


Fairbanks had just under 60 graduates participate in our graduation ceremony on May 26th. It was Raven’s largest graduating class. Graduates packed the Hering Auditorium with family, friends and so much pride! Our guest speaker, Mayor Jim Matherly, imparted words of wisdom for the future to our graduates. There was so much pride and sense of accomplishment as our graduates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Friends and family enjoyed a standing reception after the ceremony. We could not be prouder of these students. Raven’s class of 2022 is going into the world to do great things!

Juneau Office:

Spring has definitely sprung in Juneau and we’ve been racing through the days to the end of the school year. The last week of March was jam-packed with events. Students were excited to get to visit DIPAC again for the spring Mollusk Program where they learned great information and got to touch many cool creatures. It was wonderful to host an Open House in our new location to show families around our new space and students had a great time doing a scavenger hunt to find where everything is located in the new office. Another fun excursion in March was getting a behind-the-scenes tour of Safeway where the students learned all about the inner workings of the store and many came away asking when they could get a job there. We finished out the month with our IditaRead Finisher’s Ceremony where we celebrated the achievements of 35 students who finished the race and eight others who participated and did their best.

In April, we prepared for Mother’s Day with a fun Mother’s Day Pottery Class. Students came and crafted gifts for their moms out of clay, then the projects got fired, students returned to glaze their creations, and then they went through a second firing. We hope all of the moms who received projects from this class enjoyed their lovely gifts. Families also got the opportunity to meet several members of our government and tour the Capitol Building to learn more about what our senators and representatives do for us. We also got to serve our community through the Litter Pickup organized by our National Honor Society.

May was both marvelous and manic with everything we had going on during it. We celebrated two batches of students moving on to their next adventures with our High School Graduation as students moved out into the world and our Kindergarten Graduation as our littlest students finished their first year of school. Both were lovely and we encourage you to celebrate their achievements with us. A lovely way to finish the month was with our Spring Picnic out at Auke Rec during which we had fabulous weather, yummy food, and excellent fellowship between Raven families.

In addition to the big one-time events over the past few months, we also had several recurring events that continued this spring. For our April Marvelous Mondays, we had an “egg”cellent time hunting for Easter Eggs, creating egg artwork, and playing egg related minute-to-win-it games. For our Marvelous May Mondays, the kids helped us get rid of some of the cardboard still left over from our move by creating all sorts of fun things from their imagination. Math Club also continued with students building 3D models then calculating their surface area in April and doing origami math in May. Parents also continued to engage with each other during our monthly Morning Mug Book Club meetings. These regularly occurring activities have been a great opportunity for student and parent connection, and we look forward to resuming these and other activities in the fall.

In addition to our in-person events, we continued to travel to other locations through our virtual field trips. Students learned about Avalanche Awareness so they can stay safe, we got a tour of the Anchorage Museum without even having to get on a plane, and learned about Army Women of WWII from the Army Women’s Museum in Virginia. April and May were also great months for families to check on their students’ progress throughout the school year through the AK STAR and MAP assessments. The results for MAP testing were sent to families who participated right away, and we are still waiting for the AK STAR assessment results to arrive so we can share those with families. We encourage you to participate in these spring assessments each year to help give you valuable feedback in preparation for the next school year. This spring, we have also been going through our next round of Accreditation reviews, and we appreciate all the parents and students who helped us with the interviews that the accreditation agency needed to do.

Overall, the final quarter of the year was very full and a nice return to normalcy. We are looking forward to some final events this school year in June including Trail Hikes with Joan, the Curriculum Share, and a Father’s Day Craft activity. We encourage families to stay apprised of happenings by checking flyers sent out through email, being a part of our Facebook Group, viewing the online calendar, and attending our monthly PAC meetings. There are many avenues for giving us feedback and letting us know what opportunities interest you, so be sure to get involved and let us know what else you would like to see happening as we plan for the 22-23 school year through our Activities Interest Form.

Juneau Activity Photos:

Wasilla Office:

Can you believe that here we are, at the end of the school year? It seems only yesterday that families were learning how to submit reimbursements and how to do progress reports! It seems only yesterday that the new class of kindergarten students came in with shy, hesitant faces- and now they are ready to fearlessly face first grade! What about those seniors who weren’t completely sure if they could get everything done in time to graduate? They nailed it! We have had 43 graduates to date this year! Thank you and a shout out to each of you who have completed the school year. Some of you faced obstacles and overcame them. Some of you learned that you could learn an instrument or learn how to do that martial art move. Some of you learned that you love math- or writing short stories- or history- or doing experiments! It has been a year of growth; and that is success.

One way to be successful is to see what you know and where you need to improve.

One way to gauge that is to take a test, do an experiment… you get the idea. With that, thank you to the students who participated in testing here in the Wasilla office during April. A thank you to those who have participated in MAP testing as well! Parents have great information on how to move forward with their student(s). We hope to see more of you take part next year!

Student Highlights: Two of our students, Ana, an 11th grader and her sister, Veronica, a 9th grader participated in a national and international archery competition in Las Vegas. They have been taking lessons for seven years and prepared extensively for the competitions- two hours a day, five days a week, then three hours a day, five days a week. All the while keeping up in their studies and being involved in their community. Ana placed 40th out of 95 girls, and Veronica placed 25th out of 94 girls.

Kindergarten students received their certificates, had their picture taken in a cap & gown, had a cupcake- or two- and had a fun time planting a sunflower seed in anticipation of it growing and flourishing in the upcoming months.

Twenty-six graduates walked in the graduation ceremony held at Valley Church of Christ in Wasilla. Graduation was well attended with family and friends cheering on their graduates and celebrating their successes! First Lady Rose Dunleavy shared an encouraging message as did student speaker, Lora Crosley.

We are happy to share that we have 16 CPR and First Aid card carrying students who are ready to serve their families and their communities, successfully passing the Babysitting course offered here in Wasilla! We are looking forward to offering this again next year.

The pizza culinary cook off was a success, sporting a variety of different types of crusts, and of course toppings, delighting judges (and staff) alike! Remember, the cook off for the June 15th end of year picnic, will be homemade BBQ sauce. The judges will be those at the picnic. Let’s see who goes home with the People’s Choice award!

Wasilla high school students had their first ever dance, themed “The City Never Sleeps”, held in our large conference room and sponsored by advisory teachers, Steve and Athaliah Duby, Clerk- Natalie, and our Family Liaison- Daphne! Steve and Athaliah “cut the rug” so to speak, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Kathleen Meckel, a YKSD alumni, and associate professor at UAF held two beading workshops where amazing culturally rich stories were shared while students beaded.

Way to go Wasilla Raven Families- you have finished strong!

We look forward to partnering with you in the 2022-2023 school year; and if your school year will be somewhere else, we wish you the best.

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