DC Trip Update

April 12, 2015

Dear Eighth Graders:

Since I only see a few of you in class, I created this newsletter to give you more information about our trip to DC. I hope you're getting excited- it's less than a month away!


While we are traveling, I will send you text message reminders about things like what time we are leaving or if you have to leave your backpack on the bus.

To join the group, text @garverdc (the message) to 81010 (the phone number). You will get a verification text when you join.

I have a different group for your parents to join for trip updates.

Student Meeting

We will meet at lunch this week- girls Wednesday and boys Thursday- to talk about meals on the trip and what to pack.

The chaperones are: Mrs. Garver, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Baten, Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Klinger for girls, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Solomon, Mr. Way and Mr. Block for boys.

Wreath Laying

If you want to be considered for the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, you need to write an essay and give it to me by Friday, April 17. The topic is "Patriotism: What It Means to Love Your Country." We will choose four students to represent us. Those students will dress up for the ceremony, but they don't have to be dressed up all day. We will also choose some students to place flowers at the gravesite of Major Douglas Sloan, a Charlevoix graduate who is buried at Arlington.


Our hotel will be the Hyatt Fairfax. There will be four students per room. Boys and girls will be on separate floors or separate wings. Please stay in your designated area. Chaperones will be next door or across the hall from you. There is a pool at the hotel. You may only swim if an adult from our group is present.

Dinner Cruise

We will have a buffet dinner and dance on Wednesday evening. You are welcome to bring clothes and change at the dock, but it isn't necessary.

Parent Meeting

We will have a parent meeting on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 PM in the media center. If your parents can't come to the meeting, it is important for you to pick up the information and forms from me.

Frequently Asked Questions Video

Washington DC FAQ

Washington DC iBook

Open your iTunes U app.

Click the K-12 Education button and find Charlevoix.

Find the "Washington DC" course and join it.

Open the "Materials" tab and find the Washington DC 2015 book.

Open it in iBooks.