Eastside: One Team, One Dream

"We never lose. We either win or we learn. - Nelson Mandela

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Week of February 24th

Eastside's Mission

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Eastside's Vision

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

Watch this Video Below for Motivation!!! It has a lot of good one liners. My favorite two are "Job is not finished!" and "Taking the Prize Home"! Remember watch the video and apply it to what we are doing here at Eastside! Feel free to email eastsidestaff wide to say what your favorite one liner is to help motivate one another!


Be aware of the importance of each day!

  • 25 important practices until K-2 Summative MAP (THE BIG GAME April 13-17)
  • 30 important practices until 3rd-4th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME - April 20 - 22)
  • 35 important practices until 5th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME - April 27-29)

One Picture of the 1 minute dance party after we submitted our MODEL PLC application

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Last Week to Show Love for Hattie

Last week to fill in your last strategy for your 5 in a row! If you are going for the Sonic drink, you will also need a row covered going across without a heart. If you choose to cover your board and do all 12 strategies in the month, you will get your drink of choice, a chance to win a $25 gift card and a chance to win having your class covered for 30 minutes by admin. I can't wait to see all the boards. At the end of the day on Friday, you will turn your Hattie board in to Mrs. Patty. Make sure your name is on it at the top. Prizes will be awarded the following week.

Hattie's Corner: Great Examples from our own Teachers

Mrs. Isom Shares about Close Reads

This year has been a year of learning for myself and I am very thankful for John Hattie’s strategies because they have helped me tremendously with engagement strategies for my students. We have been told throughout our PLC Journey that Hattie’s strategies have a higher growth rate for students, I have seen that first hand in just a short period of time. One that I have seen benefit my struggling readers is Close Reads! This strategy requires students to go back to the text multiple times to answer various questions regarding what they have read. I have become more intentional with planning my questions for PROWL, each literacy block and Tier 2 using the different types of questions Mrs. Heller shared with us. I’ve had students say, “Mrs. Isom, this is exactly what I needed to understand what I’m reading!”. Some of the kiddos have even called close reading FUN! I’ve used close reading along with Reciprocal Teaching and Jigsaw, trying to instill in them the importance of re-reading and going back to the text for evidence to support their thinking. I am completely blown away by the growth that I’ve seen from my students thus far. It has been so rewarding, for myself, to watch the lights turn on while they are reading and understanding texts. I’ve seen a new level of confidence in some students that I never thought I’d ever see! They are owning their learning and have been eager to try new Hattie’s strategies to enhance their learning. It’s been a wonderful way to learn as a professional and see my students learn in engaging, meaningful ways!

Mrs. Williams Shares about Using Visible Learning in Room 503

After being introduced to John Hattie’s strategies, I was excited and eager to implement

Visible Learning into my classroom. I thought, “Wow! This is going to be great for my

room full of learners with exceptionalities!” I immediately began to research and use my

resources, so I could use these strategies in my classroom. As I scanned and read

about these strategies and their effect size, I came across ADHD. Negative effect size. I

thought about a couple of my students when I saw this. “How am I going to use

Reciprocal Teaching or any other strategy and see growth in these students?” That is

when I decided that I would use as many Hattie strategies as possible on a weekly

basis in my classroom! Since January, my students have enjoyed; Close Reading,

Reciprocal Teaching, the Jigsaw Method, Learning Targets, Success Criteria, Preflight

Checklist, 2 Stars and a Wish, Identifying Similarities and Differences, and Self

Reporting Grades! I cannot believe the increased level of engagement that I have seen.

It is truly incredible. Students are really taking ownership in the classroom and holding

each other accountable. This has allowed me to see learning through their eyes.

Being a special education teacher requires a lot of differentiation and some wonderful

one on one time with students. Going back to the negative effect size presented with

ADHD, I take full advantage of this one on one time. I ensure that prior to new or

repeated Hattie strategies used in the classroom, I get with these specific students to

discuss the specifics of them before the class assignments/activities take place. I have

observed that this allows ALL students to participate in quality discussion and feel

confident with material that is being learned. This week we plan to use Microteaching,

Close Reading, and Captain’s Log in our classroom. In room 503… WE LOVE HATTIE!

Sweeps this Week

We will be taking the Office staff to sweep with us this week! We will gather you up at some point this week and we will be on the lookout for engagement using our new defined what engagement looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Sweeps from this past week with the block staff showed 96% engagement which is 6% up from the last week.

Black History Month Celebrated in a Big Way this Year! Thank you Ms. Franklin for your leadership in this project!

Details for the Week


  • Click this link for the Bring It On board. Bring It On Board Feb 24-28 The board is open for everyone to sign up! Currently there is no one signed up to be observed. Things that teachers have asked to see are assessments in block, 2 stars and a wish, microteach, and student ownership.

  • Post Conference Reminders: Set up any conferences that did not show. We need to try to make contact with parents. If parents would rather do a phone conference, that is fine as well. Turn in your conference sign in sheet to Mrs. Krogman's box by end of the week.

  • Keep your hallways and rooms looking nice!

  • Remember watch the video and apply it to what we are doing here at Eastside! Feel free to email eastsidestaff wide to say what your favorite one liner is to help motivate one another!

  • Our Groupme will only be used after school hours from now on. I know when you send something you are on your prep, lunch, or break, but those receiving the messages are not and this can be a distraction to the learning.

  • Make sure if you are in a room to assist a teacher with interventions that you are doing just that and not visiting with the adult in the room. I have addressed those that I have seen this happen in. You are in the room to help kids! If you have questions about this, please see me personally.

  • Know that I am never too busy to visit with you. If you need to speak with me, please let me know and we will schedule a time to sit down and visit.


  • SIT comments will be for Kinder and 1st grade

  • DIBELS PM will be for grades K-2.

  • MAP PM will be for grades Kinder and 1st grade


  • As a team, during a break or before/after school today, take a look around each other's classroom and hallway areas. Some of you still have some decluttering to do. I would prefer your teammates have a conversation around this with you. Let's have everything neat and tidy around Eastside by end of day on Wednesday.
  • Return your book purchased for Black History Month to the office. We will keep these in a safe place so we can use them next year. If you haven't yet, be sure to post your work outside in the hallway that goes with your book. There is a book in the library available to check out for the one who founded Black History Month.
  • Enrichment during PROWL will be changing this week. The purpose will be to ensure that everything is purposeful around literacy activities to help prepare for end of year testing.


  • Jambalaya Day for Ray Galvan!!! This is a district wide meal the cafeteria is serving and it was inspired by one of our 5th grade students!
  • Spring Picture Day
  • SIT meets
  • Education Northwest from Oregon will be here to conduct interviews on how the process is going. If you are being interviewed, you have received an email from me. Math team and first grade will meet today for team meetings. It is your choice if you want to meet again on Wednesday as a team.
  • Lil' Dribblers Last performance at 7 Pm


  • Team Meeting Day: see agenda that you all created at the end of last week's meeting.
  • Radio Station 105 the WOLF will be recorded a week's worth of Pledge of Allegiances in 5 classrooms. If you were selected, you have received an email. Thank you Sherri Turner for contacting the station!
  • Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10 - 3:40
  • All things neat and tidy by end of day.


  • I will have a visitor with me on Thursday morning. Her name is Nikkina Porter from GHS. She is working on her admin degree and is interning with me. You may see her from time to time. She is excited to be learning from all of you at Eastside and is very interested in our Solution Tree partnership.
  • Digital Learning Day - see email from Ms. Havens
  • Let's have all picnics and field trips on the calendar by Thursday.
  • 3:30 Mrs. DeVorak's Wedding Shower


  • Turn in Conference sheets to Mrs. Krogman's box by today.
  • New Club Sign UP day - If you intend to change your club, please do so on the club sign up sheet prior to Friday. Just like before block and sped staff go help younger grades. The sign up sheet will go live at 8:00. Club Sign Up. We will only have 5 weeks of clubs starting next week until the end of the year. The dates are on the Google Doc calendar that Mrs. Krogman keeps up to date.
  • Recess meetings - details sent out later this week

Eastside Engaging with Community Partners

Great Learning This Week


Important Dates (Refer to EES 2019- 20 Calendar shared by Mrs. Krogman)


March 2-3 Dr. Howse with Math teachers (rescheduled from original dates)

March 4 - Team Meeting day and Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

March 6 - Clubs/Dr Seuss Day/Seussical the Musica/Spirit Day

March 10 - Board Meeting 6 PM

March 11 - Team Meeting Day

March 12 - End of Third Nine Weeks / PTO Meeting

March 13 - Staff Meeting 7:40

March 16th week - Book Fair

March 16-17 Mrs. Bailey will be with us

March 17 - Math and Wellness Night 6 PM

March 18 - Team Meeting and Principal from Gravette Elementary to see our school and Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

March 20 - Clubs/Awards Assembly

March 20th - Teacher Tailgate hosted by 4th grade and PTO

April 24th - Teacher Tailgate hosted by 5th grade and PTO


Words to Live By This Month


Character Word of the Month = Kindness