NEW! iChainsaw

It's a Multi-functional Good Time!

What is the iChainsaw

The iChainsaw is the newest model that is the lightest chainsaw in the history of chainsaw manufacturing and has so much potential with its wonderfully quiet motor. The iChainsaw has many functions, so get creative and use this fabulous product everyday because iChainsaw, you chainsaw, we all chainsaw!

Here are just 3 of the iChainsaws MANY uses

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Works for Everday chores!

The iChainsaw is delightfully light weight, so you can complete your everyday chores with ease. Typical people everywhere are now enjoying their new iChainsaw to complete their long list of to-do's, in a small amount of time! Everyone is using one, so you should too!

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Even the Kardashians are using one!

At the refreshing age of 26, Rob Kardashian started using his iChainsaw to create art. Chainsaw art is now Rob's favorite hobby and it's all due to the wonderful iChainsaw. Rob has gotten multiple members of the Kardashian-Jenner family into chainsaw art as well! Buy your iChainsaw now and you can truly be "Keeping Up with the Kardashians!"

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Great for pranks!

The iChainsaw has an easily removable chain, so you can pretend it's on but its really not! Don't be the only loser in your group of friends that doesn't have good pranks. Use the iChainsaw to scare your friends without any harm coming to them. If you don't have the iChainsaw, everyone will think you are boring, so buy one now.

Advertisement by Kendall McKeever