A Chest Of Drawers

A Chest Of Drawers

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Use A Chest Of Drawers For Extra Storage In Your Bedroom

A chest of drawer sis often thought of as an old-fashioned piece of furniture. Many of us will remember grandma's chest of drawer sthey had in their rooms. Often these were dark wood, huge and let's face it ugly! Well let's dispel that old-fashioned myth right now.A chest of drawers for a bedroom can be a stunning piece of contemporary furniture that is not just storage. Sleek, rustic, painted, antique or miniature, there is a piece out their with your name on it! I remember seeing one at a relative's house. It was an ominous piece of furniture that dominated their bedroom.

Many people will have a similar memory and it can put you off looking at such items of furniture for your own home. Don't write off having a nice and usable item of furniture in your bedroom because of this thought. A chest of drawer scan be an incredibly versatile piece of furniture, which gives you storage space a-plenty for your room. Don't forget that not only do you have the drawers; you also have space on top that could double up as a TV stand or somewhere to display your jewellery.

Space in homes these days tends to be at a premium so we need furniture that can serve a dual purpose. The chest of drawersis an ideal piece of furniture for a bedroom. You can get sets of drawers in various different size combinations that can store small things (underwear and socks) to larger items like blankets or quilt covers. Whatever your bedroom storage needs, they can be met by having a set of drawers. You can de-clutter your bedroom and make it perfect for sleep.

To Learn More About A Chest Of Drawers

Not only can a chest of drawers help you keep your room neat and tidy, it can be a stunning additional piece of furniture in your room. There are many styles for the drawers, probably more than you realised. There are some very good-looking antique style sets of drawers. There are also many on the contemporary minimalist end of the style spectrum. Whatever look you want for your room, you can have it. If you want the gorgeous natural warmth of solid wood, or distressed antique painted styles, they are all available.

Now you know that a simple chest of drawer scan be perfect for your room, what are you waiting for? Before you do buy though? Do a little bit of measuring, whatever space, even the smallest, can accommodate a set of drawers. There is some tall slim unit's only one draw wide, and there are some double widths, that are lower but will take up more wall space. If you have lots of costume jewellery, you could even consider getting a very small set of drawers, it can be displayed on top of a standard size chest of drawers, and you would have your jewellery easily accessible.

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