Yellowstone National Park

by Julian Barrero


Hello, welcome to the best park in the world.

Here we have wild life, wonderful stuff to do and

great landforms. We also have fun activities for kids.


We have Geysers which are boiling hot so do not get to close. We have waterfalls that you can stand on you can also go through the waterfall but you will get very wet. Also we have the grand canyon of yellowstone. We also have mountains, rivers,and a lot more things to do.


We have wolves, moose, deer and much more animals. Do not worry they will not hurt you if you don't batter them. You can even see some wolves and bears hunt. We have beautiful deer and moose. We also have goose, fish, mountain lions and mountain goat.

Park features

Fast facts

Yellowstone is just a giant super volcano. A supervolcano is like normal volcano but 1,000 times stronger. Scientist think it may erupt some day and will destroy everything. The park got it's name by a yellow stone found in the river.

Park map