The German LZ-1 Zepplin

By Bryce McDonnell Period 8

What does it do?

There were two purposes in building the LZ-1 zeppelin. One use for them were to go on bombing missions on Great Britain.Another use for them was to scout territory or to have a birds eye view on the enemy.

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How Does it Work?

The LZ-1 zeppelin was 420 feet long, 38 1/2 feet in diameter, and contained 399,000 cubic ft of hydrogen in 17 gas cells made of rubberized cotton fabric. When it takes off, the pilot vented air through the ballonets through the air valves. The blimp then rises. The pilot the angles the blimp to the wind to take off.

As the blimp rises, air pressure decreases and the helium in the envelope expands. Adding air makes the blimp heavier, so to maintain a steady cruising altitude, the pilot must balance the air pressure with the helium pressure to create neutral buoyancy. The air pressure between the fore are adjusted.

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Was it successfully used?

There were things that made the zeppelin both successful and unsuccessful. One of the things that made the LZ-1 successful was that it had one of the biggest impacts on the war during the war because at night Germany would send people to fly zeppelins and start bombing everything, because of that, it drew panic within the citizens of Great Britain. A way that the Zeppelin was unsuccessful was because they were overweight, and the speed of it would made it very difficult to control.

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Interesting Facts

1.) Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin began construction of his first airship, LZ-1, in June, 1898 in a floating wooden hangar on the Lake Constance at Manzell in Southern Germany.

2.) The ship was completed in the winter of 1899 but von Zeppelin decided to wait until the summer of 1900 before attempting to fly his invention.

3.) The first flight lasted about 18 minutes and covered about 3-1/2 miles over the lake.

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