New London ISMS Newsletter

October 2018

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Building Updates

  • Upcoming events
  • Academic updates
  • Learning Partnerships
  • Parent Visitation Days

Student Services Updates:

  • Technology & my teen
  • Social Media Data from New London ISMS Students
  • Bark! - Helping your teen navigate their social media & technology
  • Mental Health
  • Coping Skills

Library Updates

  • Book Fair!

Career Speakers Needed

Upcoming Events

Career Speakers Needed

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Friday, Nov. 9th, 11am

1000 West Washington Street

New London, WI

We are looking for career speakers to come in and talk with our ISMS students. Times would be 11:08-11:45 and 11:45-12:20. Careers are split into 6 clusters. Dates and career clusters are scheduled as followed. Please RSVP if you are interested or someone you know would be interested in presenting. Any and all careers are wanted and needed!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Academic Updates from Mrs. Pinch

Traveling Through Time

Mr. Krueger's 6th grade social studies class recently took a trip to Ancient Egypt using VR technology. Through the use of VR, or Virtual Reality Technology, students were able to visit the first civilizations along the Nile River, see how pyramids were built, and go inside an ancient tomb. Students were excited to experience learning first hand through the use of VR and eager to learn more about Ancient Egypt.
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Ready, Set, Read…

5th graders enjoyed a different atmosphere in the library for their Book Tasting this past week. The library was decorated like a fancy restaurant, complete with crackling fire and flowers on the table. For a Book Tasting students take a few minutes to "taste" a book by reading the summary and first few pages to see if they would be interested in reading the whole book. Tables held a variety of genres for students to explore.
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Seventh-grade students helped Mrs. Tara Korth unveil books purchased from Scholastic. The Scholastic Book Clubs and James Patterson Partnership saluted her efforts and commitment by awarding her $500 to build a diverse classroom library. The goal is to ensure that every student finds great books and develops a love of reading.
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True Beauty - Learning Partnerships

True Beauty members shared an afternoon with fifth and sixth-grade girls focused on embracing inner strength and appreciating the unique talents of every individual. Fun was had by all as they participated in small group games and wrapped up the evening with Pumpkin Painting while enjoying friendly conversation.

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Student Services Update

Social Media Tips for Parents

Social networking is hugely popular. Many young people are sophisticated in the way they use social media apps and websites, tailoring their communication for different audiences, and accessing them from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles.

But social media, like all forms of public communication, comes with some risks. Not all of these risks turn into actual problems; and if children never face any risks, they never learn how to deal with them. By helping your child understand what the risks are, you can play a big part in preventing them from turning into problems.

New London 7th & 8th Grade Self-Reported Social Media Use

7th and 8th grade students took a survey regarding their social media use! Take a look at the following graphics explaining their social media usage!
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What your teens want you to know about social media:

  • "I use social media to communicate with my friends/family."
  • "Talk with me about the apps we like to use and why. Most of you have no idea about our world."
  • "Help me to navigate being safe on social media. I try, but it's hard sometimes!"
  • "Not all social media is bad. I do my best to be positive and make good choices."

Tips for Parents

  • Ask them to show you which social media apps they use and what they like about them. Talk about what makes them engaging.
  • Explain how you can use privacy settings to make sure only approved friends can see posts.
  • Check if any of their apps have "geo-location" enabled, sharing their location unintentionally.
  • Show them how to report offensive comments or block people who upset them.
  • Encourage your child to come and talk to you.
  • Research the apps your children are using to get a better understanding using Common Sense Media! You can search for ANY game.

Encourage Conversation with these conversation starters:

  1. People may not always be who they say they are online. How can this create problems?
  2. Why is it unwise to meet anyone in the real world that you've only met online?
  3. People present themselves differently online. Do they really look like that?
  4. What does being a good friend and a likeable person online look like?
  5. There can be a lot of pressure to be part of a particular group online or to be seen a certain way. How can you take a step back and make your own decisions?

Bark! - Safety Screening Tool

Bark is an app that allows parents to monitor their children's online presence without you having to ask for their phones all of the time.

They set it up to analyse the child's communication in Facebook, Snapchat, other apps, email and texting. Alerts are sent via email or text to the parents phone if any "red flags" come up including: cyber-bulling, depression, drug or alcohol, hate speech, profanity, self harm, sexual explicit content, violence, and 18 other concerns.

You can customize it based on your desire, and it covers as many kids as you add for $9 a month....

Library Update

The year is off to a great start for our One to One Chromebook rollout at the Intermediate/Middle school! Students have been able to accomplish many great things at school and at home with their Chromebooks. Many teachers are continuing to incorporate digital learning activities in their lessons that make the Chromebook a vital tool for all of our students. We are looking forward to the beginning of 2nd quarter in which we are planning on our 5th grade students starting to bring their devices home to charge and provide access to complete homework and assigned activities. Remember there is great information about Chromebooks and Tech Tips on our Library Chromebook page which can be easily accessed from the Intermediate/Middle School website under Quick Links on the left.

As a reminder for all families and students, as outlined in our Chromebook Handbook and other guiding documents, the purpose of the Chromebook is always educational. Appropriate activities might include academic research for a class, working on Google documents or projects, checking Skyward or checking email. If you have questions regarding Chromebooks, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or Mrs. Kovalaske (Instructional Resource Coach) directly at or ext. 2212.

Book Fair

Book Fair is open in the ISMS Library from October 25th - November 2nd

October 25th 7:30-7:00

October 26th 8:00-12:00

October 29th 7:30-4:00

October 30th 7:30-4:00

October 31st 7:30-3:30

November 1st 7:30-7:00

November 2nd 7:30-4:00

Online shopping is available from October 22nd - November 7 at
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All students have access to eBooks via OverDrive using their student ID number

Directions for how to get started and more information can be found on the eBook page of our library website. eBooks and eAudiobooks can be read from the Chrome browser on students Chromebooks, otherwise the Overdrive or Libby app can be installed on a personal Apple or Android device.
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