From Farm to Football



Ever wonderd how that oval ball got on the feild well i'll show you down set hike!!


The producer buys Rubber and Leather then they turn the leather into the cover next they turn the rubber into a bladder for the inside of the ball


In the factory they get the leather and stamp it with bumps a person called the cutter cuts the cover of of the ball. Next they they stamp the ball with logos. Now they add now they add linings they are made out of Cotton and Vinyl and they sew them to the cover. Then a hole is made for a air gauge. The machine also makes 8 holes for the lacing. Now they flatten the lining with a special press. After that they give the ball a 15-second steam bath it softens the ball then its easer to bend the ball then they turn the ball inside-out and put a bladder their then they turn the ball outside-in. Then they lace it using a tool called a awl. Next they put the football int a steel mold then they inflate the ball little to much to make a perfect ball. After that a inspector inspects the ball they weigh and measure the ball. Then they box the ball and it is ready to be shipped!


You can find these footballs in... Scheel's,Dicks sporting goods and Walmart!

Fun Facts

Did you know Greeks played a type of football called Harpaston!


I hope you learned a lot about footballs now the next time you hold a football think of how much it came through to be in your hands!
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