Nordheim ISD

Our Mission

The mission of the Nordheim Independent School District, in partnership with students, family and community, is to set high expectations in order to provide a quality educational program that will develop skills and values that will allow all students to be responsible and productive members of society.

Our Vision

The vision of the Nordheim Independent School District is provided an innovative, well balanced, and enriching curriculum that exceeds the state's requirements and is directed to quality instruction for all students at all levels guided by highly qualified and diverse staff that produces an exemplary district, and is promoting in all students a strong sense of academic achievement, positive self-image, and a desire to become a responsible, productive, and respectful citizen in our ever-changing society.

Student Profile

Intellectual Abilities - Students will possess the ability to think critically, solve problems, respond quickly and effectively and manage their time.

Academic Skills - By graduation students will be college ready, have mastered core subject and at least one foreign language and will be advanced users of the latest technology.

Social Skills - Students will be able to work collaboratively, manage a team, behave responsibly and recognize the work of others.

Emotional Skills - Students will develop their self-confidence, learn to accept constructive criticism and how to build trust in those around them.

Physical Skills - Students will understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through education on good food choices and appropriate daily exercise.