by: sydney addison

About Madagascar

The country that I'm studying is Madagascar, Africa. They have different language in there country. Some of their language Antalaotra means people in the sea, Malay laut means sea, Vahiny means strange, Vahini means girl, and yes is Eny .

There government is called Republic of Madagascar.

The major businesses in Madagascar are seafood, soup ,beer ,sugar , textiles , glassware, Cement, automobile plant, paper, and tourism. The name of the currency is Malagasy Ariary.

There most famous foods ever was beef , chicken , pork ,fish ,and rice. Madagascar Religion is ruled by Certion Beliefs. There sports there is Basketball ,Tennis ,Boxing , Judo. They even have a National football team of Madagascar.

There president is name Hery. The capital of there country is Antananarivo, too. There school had 2 education available in the city and in the contryside. The city kids also get to go to school and the contryside kids didn't have time to go to school because they had to work on their family's farm. They have three different religions, the three are Native Beliefs, christian, and Muslin. The biggest religion of the three is the very first religion that is first typed down is Native Beliefs.


Take A Closer Look!

The green area on the map that shows Africa is Madagascar. People may say it's a city, well your wrong. Madagascar is a island/country. And yes, Madagascar is part of Africa.
Ranomafana, Madagascar Traditional Dance
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The beach it is mostly warm because it is near the equator. The mountians of Madagascar have cooler weather because of the winds that come from the Indian Ocean.



Madagascar's money is called Malagasy Ariarys. They come in differernt values. Today, I have 2000, 5000, and 10000.