5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 1/11/16

What We Did This Week

It's been great seeing everyone back again. Students did a great job jumping right back into the routines and were ready to get to work!

This week in Math we learned about different types of data representations including frequency tables, bar graphs, dot plots, and stem-and-leafs plots. Students had a video to watch over the uses of each type of graph and properties of each type as well.

In Science we continued our study on forces and energy with a focus on friction, gravity, and magnetism. We had a great time doing the experiments and playing the review game on Kahoot.

What We Will Be Doing Next Week

In Math we will continue practicing data representation with a focus on scatter plots and mixed practice.

In Science we will finish up forces and energy by designing an experiment centered around the game Mouse Trap. Students will need to bring materials from home to design their very own Mouse Trap. The goal is to see if they can create a design to test if a marble, ping pong ball, or bouncy ball will complete the course the fastest. Ideas for materials are empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, wax paper, sandpaper, foil, pool noodles... I think the kids are really going to love this one!

Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember

  • Reading Benchmark Wednesday the 13th from 9:00-1:00. No visitors please. We will have a schedule change. Please remind your child to bring a healthy snack, jacket, positive attitude, and water bottle.
  • Last day of the 2nd 9 Weeks is Thursday the 14th
  • HMS visits HES during Large Group on Friday 15th
  • No school for MLK Day on the 18th
  • Garden Day Friday the 22nd
  • Class pictures Thursday the 28th


Math: DMH Week 17

Science: Part 2 Week 9

*Details on my website https://sites.google.com/a/cfisd.net/stefanie-harris/