Think before you act!

By: Madeline M, Shruti P, Simone D, Kyla F, and Anusha M.

Why does the bully and the victim behave and react the way that they do?

The Bully

Reasons why a bully might do what they do:

  • They need to feel better about themselves.
  • They didn't have the best childhood.
  • The may crave power and attention.
  • They feel neglected at home and feel that they have no one.
  • They are bullied at home so they choose to bully at school.
  • They use the anger of their personal life on other people.
  • It can also just be plain old jealousy that makes a bully attack.

The Victim

Reasons why the victim might respond how they do:

  • Many victims of bullying will not tell anyone because they might have been threatened or feel embarrassed.
  • They do not want to look weaker than the bully has already made them.
  • The victim and the bully have a past.
  • Victim's also don't want their family members to hear what is being said about them.
  • They may have parents that don't care and so they feel neglected and worthless at home.
  • They may have parents that just care too much or are too controlling, so they don't know how to stand up for themselves.
  • Most of the times victims believe that they have no one they can go and talk to.

Bullying can hurt the mind and the body, so you should think before you act.


Two solutions that will make CMS East stand out and show everyone else that East will not let bullying invade the school.

1) East will provide their students with a form that students my fill out if they have seen bullying, are bullied, or just want to tell someone their problems. The form does not have to have a name on it and it is not mandatory but the form is highly recommended for people that just need someone to talk to.

2) At East we would have an anti-bullying assembly every 6 weeks. During this assembly people can voice their thoughts and feelings if they want to. People can make little skits to perform if they want and just talk about bullying.