Lesser praire chicken

Endangered native to texas

Back ground information about specie

The lesser praire chicken scientific name is tympanuchus pallidicinctus. It is native to Texas and it inhabits open rangeland dominated by shinnery oak and sand sage bush. Feeds on insects and started suffering population declines since the 1800s.

Threats and causes of extinction/endangerment

It suffered large population declines 1800s because of the droughts ,conversions of rangeland to cropland ,plus the excessive grazing by the live stock and the chemical control of sand sage brush and shinnery oak on rage lands . Hunting also made populations very low and even tho is is endangered it is still legal to hunt them here in Texas.

Pictures of thes chickens

Solutions/successes/ possible courses of action for protection

NRCS provides financial and technical assistance to the agricultural producers to voluntarily implement conservation practices that promote healthy grazing lands and benefit the lesser praire chicken. They also monitor the current status of the specie and their habitats to implement management practices to conserve it. And now their trying to ban the hunting of the lesser praire chicken.