Smooth SilverSmith

you will never have to eat with your hands again!

I Am A Colonial Silversmith

I am a Colonial Silver smith like Paul Revere the most famous silversmith from Boston,Mass.I make silver things like the things below I even make money. My tools are much different now then in colonial times for example shears are called sissers and sissers aren't that much detailed now.

Remember to add the sparckells

My Products are beautiful,detailed and, silver. As you can see I know how to make allot of jewlery but that doesn't mean I don't know how to make silverware like the suger holder or the two handled tea cup. And I always remember to add some sparcells.

My Products

Terrific Tools

My tools help me with silver making. But now my tools would be called different things like shears would be called sissers and a ladle would be called a spoon and tongs would be called tweezers. Now they aren't just silver they are all different colors like gold and blue and green.

My Tools

Being Important

My job is Important because you would have to use your hands to eat instead of forks, knives and spoons. That would get too messy. Imagine eating out of your hands (gross). I also make jewelry and some people really like to wear it.