Jean Piaget

Who? When? Why?


Jean Piaget, Famous psychologist and biologist also in time he shifted his profession to become a professor at an administrative college.

When? Where?

Born August 9th, 1896 in Neuchatel Switzerland. Died September 16th, 1980 in Geneva.


What was he known for?

  • Most famous for his work on how children develop their thinking abilities.
  • Child psychologist
  • Figured out younger students think differently, leading to the changing of IQ tests


  • Parents include Rebecca Jackson and Arthur Piaget
  • Jean was the first born son of three
  • Strongly persuaded scientific family


  • Graduated at the university of Neuchatel as a doctor of natural science
  • Found a new liking later in life to study philosophy of sciences in Zurich college and at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Fun Facts

1. He taught at a all boy school.
2. He was the oldest kid in his family.
3. He wrote his first published scientific paper at the age of 10.
4. He went to the University of Zurich.
5. He moved to Paris.
6. He started to study kids while he was working as a teacher.
7. He married Valentine Chatenay.
8. He had 3 children.
9. He went back to University of Zurich to be a professor.
10. His most famous book was The Language and Thought of the Child.