Chachi Gonzales

Dancer/ Choreographer/ Actress

"Chachi" Olivia Irene Gonzales

"Chachi" Olivia Irene Gonzales was born on January 23, 1996 in Houston, Texas. Chachi is a member of the hiphop dance crew I.aM.mE which won the 6th season of America's Best Dance Crew. She was also names "Teen Choreographer of the Year" at the World of Dance 2012 Industry Awards. Chachi has taught many dance classes and workshops in multiple other countries such as the Philippines, Belguim, Mexico, and more. She has even created her own brand of sweatpants called ChachiMomma. She is the youngest of 5 siblings and comes from Hispanic decent. She also loves donuts.

Ashley Buxton

"The best revenge for me to the people who told me I'll never make anything of myself is proving them wrong."

~"Chachi" Olivia Irene Gonzales