Al Capone

By Jordan Kilmer


Al Capone has had a bigger effect on history than most would think. Though he may have been a bad guy, he has done some good for the public. He started the first soup kitchen, he fought for pasteurized milk and he illegally sold alcohol during the prohibition.

Soup Kitchens

Though Capone was a ruthless criminal, he was all about the poor. He opened the first soup kitchen in 1931. The soup kitchens provided a place for the poor to get free food and rest briefly form the outside world.

Pasteurized milk

A Capone's brother died during the prohibition from drinking rotten milk. Near the end of his criminal career he persuaded the Chicago city council to put expiration dates on milk to ensure the safety of all children in the city


The 18th amendment had banned the sale of alcohol in America. It was clear that millions did not want this law and Capone saw this as an opportunity to make a big profit.