Beat the Directors!

Booking Bonanza

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It’s a BEAT THE DIRECTORS BOOKING BLITZ – starting TOMORROW/Monday! So, get your Who do you know list refreshed, get revved up and ready to roll because prizes, fun and more money in your pocket awaits!!

  1. The “25 in 5” blitz begins Mon, 3/18. We’ll start off with a rally call led by Kristen and Sarah Pearsall and it ends on 3/31! Contact 5 people a day for 5 days = 25 contacts in 2 weeks time we will contact 50 in 10. Can you imagine how many trunk shows will be booked if our entire team joins in?!
  2. Warm up your leads with a cute email sharing our collection video, our summer teaser or even the scarf video. Whatever works for you!
  3. Stylists who book trunk shows for March and April starting on 3/18 will be entered to win 4 fabulous prizes.

  • 1st place- most trunk shows booked will get The Switch bag
  • 2nd place - $100 jewelry credit for the summer line
  • 3rd place $100 in business supply credits of their choice
  • 4th place - pack of look books and 3 packs of mini summer look books

For many of us, this 2 week focus on booking in tight couldn’t come at a better time. Just think of what we all can accomplish when we hunker down and do a couple of hours of focused work on booking. This has worked in the past and no doubt it will again. With each call it gets more comfortable. AND we have SO many amazing things to share!! March hostess special and TS specials, April Autism Awareness and the new Summer Collection! C’mom, women are LOVING this!!

Here’s a great success story on booking in tight from fellow stylist Christy Colburn:

"Hey Divas! Yesterday I heard a story NPR was doing on the group Organizing For Action. Their director shared some lessons that Obama's campaign structure has gathered over the last six years. For example, they've studied exactly when to send house party invitations for the best response. The quote from their director was, "The sweet spot for sending - asking people to host an event is about 10 days before the event. The sweet spot for asking someone to attend an event is typically two days before the event happens."

I told some potential hostesses the latter part of that quote - about the 2 days - and said it means they would probably get a lot more people to come (and more sales = more free jewelry) if they book in tight. Three of them agreed and I booked three new shows for March!"

Last but not least….HOOPLA!!!!!! Who’s in?! We are locked and loaded and would LOVE you by our side in VEGAS!! Sign up for $199 by March 31st and get $300 in PRODUCT CREDIT. It’s a no brainer! Rooms are $99 (share with one, two or three people and reduce your costs) and book an extra trunk show or two to cover your flight. From the dazzling runway show, the red shoe affair and the closing night dance party to the unforgettable training that will move your business forward and the forging of friendships with stylists across the country….it is truly game changing for your business and your life!

Looking forward to our blitz tomorrow!

Love and sales,


Sarah & Kristen, Carrie, Ginger and Laura

Rev Up Team Booking Conference Call -Monday 3/18 at 11:30 CST/12:30 EST - Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4000 Participant Access Code: 195930