T-TESS: East Elementary

Please see instructions below to help you get started.

Step #1: Find your TSDS number

  • Go to Skyward Financial
  • You will find your TSDS number in the STATE ID field.
  • Record the number to use in DMAC.

Step #2: Video Help

Click here to find a video tutorial to demonstrate how you can set your account up in DMAC.

Step #3: Set your goals for the year using DMAC

Go to www.dmac-solutions.net and click on the EDUCATORS tab in the top right to log in. (If you don't know your DMAC login information, check with Tiffany Moniz by contacting the assessment office - tmoniz@hisd.com or X 5043.

Goals should be from the following domains:

  • Domain 1: Planning
  • Domain 2: Instruction
  • Domain 3: Learning Environment

You should have 1 goal per domain.

Click HERE for a link that will show you the domains and examples of goals.

Step #4: Sign your Appraisal Letter

Your appraisal letter will be placed in your box this week. Please sign and complete. Then turn your letter into the folder outside Denise's door.

Step #5: Enjoy your year and keep your focus on student learning!

We will begin the appraisal process (preconferences, walkthroughs, etc.) the week of September 19th. We are excited about what we will all learn together through this new appraisal process.