Reality Budget Check

Learning financial responsibility is important.

#1 – List your top 3 interest areas in order of importance and list the number/score after. (artistic, conventional, enterprising, investigative, realistic, social)

  1. Investigative -26
  2. Social - 23
  3. Artistic - 18

#2 – Find 3 possible career choices you are interested in. List the career, the beginning salary, and the education needed.

  1. Clinical Psychologist - $40,520/year - Ph.D, M.D, or J.D (about 8 years)
  2. Health Specialty Reacher - $109,030/year - Ph.D, M.D, or J.D

  3. Psychology Teacher - $42,080/year - Ph.D, M.D or J.D

#3 Choose your county and list all monthly expenses

COUNTY: Riverside County

Expense / Monthly Cost

Housing $1948

Cell Phone $40

Utilities: gas, electric, water, trash $170

Home Phone $15

Cable/TV $70

Internet $50

Food $250

Transportation $500

Insurance $87

Entertainment $250

Clothing $200

Education $96

Savings $0

Total monthly expense: $3,576

Taxes $545

Annual Salary needed for lifestyle: $49, 453

#4 What would be your first career choice and what is the beginning salary of that career?

A career of MY choice is an Occupational Health Nurse with a beginning salary of $73,840.

#5 Compare the cost of the lifestyle you want to live with the annual salary that you expect to earn. Are you going to be able to afford your lifestyle? Explain your answer.

An occupational health nurse has a starting salary of $73,84,while my lifestyle requires a minimum average salary of $49,453. I would be able to afford this with still a bit more to spend/save for other things that I may need in the future.

#6 What adjustments would you make if your salary was not enough to accommodate your desired lifestyle? (changes to your lifestyle or change your job?) Explain your answer.

If I did not have a salary high enough for my lifestyle, I would make changes to how much I spend if I could not change my job to a job with a higher paying salary. For example, in clothing I would spend less and only buy what I really need. I'd also be very mindful of how often we use utilities to avoid the risk of wasting things life water. I'd also go out less often.

#7 Choose 3 of the monthly expenses recorded above and compare them to the ACTUAL AMOUNT your parents pay each month. List the expense, the actual amount, and a 2 sentence comparison for each

Expense 1: Internet

Parent:$30 Me: $50

At home, we have a basic internet speed since we all have service on our phones. But when I have my own house I'd probably use a higher speed internet, it depends.

Expense 2: Food

Parents: $400 Me: $250

There are 3 kids in my family including an uncle who lives with us (basically 4 kids). More money is spent depending on how many people you have at home.

Expense: Home Phone

Parents: $14 Me: $15

I don't think anyone has a fancy home phone service/carrier, it may depends on how many phones you have. I don't plan on having more than one phone, and these numbers are pretty close.

#8 List at least 3 other expenses that you might have that are not listed above?

Three expenses that may not be including are things like, car insurance, furniture, and other home decor.

#9 Between the education required, your career matches, career salaries and living expenses what surprised you most about the reality check activity? Explain your answer.

I am not really surprised, I actually expected it to be higher. My parents always told me to strive for the best because living is expensive. And I have always been interested in that matter, I have always asked my parents what everything costs. Besides, I have somewhat high goals for myself.