Afghanistan Change

Change is in the Air!

Necessary Steps

First, the president will have to be informed, and then what he knows will have to be messaged out to the Afghanistan president. In return of better laws, the two countries will have better relations.

The Over Seen and Other Involvement

I’m sure other people are at different steps though. Maybe legislatures are already trying to convince the president right now. Which isn't bad, but they might over see some of the smaller steps or more important things.

The Actual Work

The real work will have to come from the people who actually explain the problem and the people who fix the problem. These are the people in the legal system and the people meeting with the president on this issue.


Some check points should be put into place to see how we’re doing and how our progress is until we reach our goal. Without these check points, the system will easily collapse, which will just reverse any possible progress and work.


In order to see the success in this plan, we'll have to see the final product; women having equal rights as men in Afghanistan. Stopping at nothing is the only way to insure success.