The Truth About Heroin

By: Payten Nelson

What Is Heroin?

Heroin is a drug and is highly addictive and is being used by millions of people around the world. These addicts are usually unable to overcome their addictions and continue taking this drug everyday day of their lives. They addicts know that if they stop, they'll have to face withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, aches, pains in the bones, vomiting, severe discomfort and more.

How is Heroin Used?

You can use heroin by smoking, snorting, or injecting it. A lot of people think that they can control it if they only do it once or twice. Those who start though, find it very hard to stop and it will slowing trap you.

Heroin Street Names

Most every drug has a street name so you don't get caught. Some street names for heroin is Junk, Big H, Smack, and Thunder, those are just some street names though.

History of Heroin

During the 1850s, opium addiction was a major problem in the United States, The “solution” was to provide opium addicts with a less potent and supposedly “non-addictive” substitute which was morphine. Morphine ended up becoming an even bigger problem than opium addictions. They decided to solve the morphine problem with the worst of it all, Heroin. It was first manufactured in 1898.
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Short Term Effects of Heroin

Some short term effects of Heroin is slowed breathing, coma or death (due to overdose), and Hypothermia. Once the short term effects kind of fade away, the users becomes drowsy for several hours.

Long Term Effects of Heroin

Some long term effects of Heroin is Bad teeth, Itching, Coma, Muscular weakness, depression, loss of appetite, and more. Heroin users often share needles and sharing needles leads to AIDS. Also so many people who use Heroin lose everything, job, parents, friends, confidence, and your home. Heroin users new habit become stealing & lying.

Four Important Facts/ Statistics About Heroin

Heroin look like a white powder and the color of it is found to be rode gray, brown or black. Sometimes, street heroin is cut with strychnine or other poisons. The people who buy heroin off of the street do not know the actual strength of the drug in the particular packet and so the user is more at risk of an overdose. Between 1995 and 2002, the number of teenagers in America, ages 12 to 17, who used heroin at some point in their lives increased by 300%!