Black Friday Goes Green

Save Green by Giving Green This Holiday Season!


Contact me to order during the following hours on November 29th to receive your BLACK FRIDAY GOES GREEN discount:

20% OFF 7 – 9 AM

15% OFF 9 – 11 AM

10% OFF 11 – 8 PM

Orders placed between 12:01AM-7:00 AM by email will be honored @ 20% OFF!!!

Emails & voicemail messages will also be honored the entire day based on the time they are received & the corresponding discount.

Contact Me to Place Your Orders Directly

(Orders Placed Online NOT VALID)


(note the _ between my first & last name)

Be sure to include item quantity and your color preferences (where applicable).

Visa or Mastercard accepted

Include your payment details (incl. cc#, exp. & name as printed on your card) in your email or voice message. Otherwise share the sure way to reach you & I will contact you within 24 hours with your order total & collect your payment.

No order will be placed prior to receiving payment. Sale ends at 8:00 PM on Friday, 11/29.

Sale prices reflected in gift sets below are for item totals only & do not include shipping & taxes. Total after shipping & taxes will vary slightly.

See Gift Ideas Below!

A Few Great Gift Sets

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Use the online catalog link above to help make your selections, but DO NOT place your ORDER ONLINE. These OFFERS are NOT VALID ONLINE. Orders must be placed with me personally to receive your Black Friday Goes Green discount as outline above.