Entertainment in the Victorian Era

By: Jiarra Cannon

Leisure time

Before the invention of the radio or even the internet people in the Victorian era were forced to make their on entertainment. They played sports, they played sports such as: cricket, rugby, soccer, and competitive track. They turned hunting into a game, but they hunted fox and fished. For inside entertainment they enjoyed listening to people sing, and dance. Music was popular for women looking for a husband in the Victorian era. No house was complete without having an piano.While listening to music in the Victorian era you weren't expected to talk while the music is playing whether its in a house or concert.
The entertainment of the people depended on there social class. People in the Victorian era were intrigued by literature. They were interested in people like Charles dickens, Author Conan Doyle, and William Makepeace Thackery. In children's literature there were often taught a lesson or a moral story was behind it. Women were more into things such as fiction and poetry.


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