Anne Frank's Story

Lainey McCaffrey

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Getting Things Started

Anne Frank was a victim of the holocaust, one of the worst events to happen caused by humans. Unfortunately Anne Frank had to live through this tough time struggling to keep herself alive, and hidden. You will learn about Anne’s life before the holocaust, when she was in hiding, and when she was captured and was living her last days.

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Life Before the Holocaust

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She was welcomed into a family of her mom Edith, her dad Otto, and her sister Margot. As she got older she enjoyed doing what most kids did, playing with her friends and being with her family, and just being a kid. On her thirteenth birthday Anne received an autograph book that she later turned into a diary, the diary that many of us have read and loved. Anne was a pretty normal kid. At least until after she turned thirteen that is.

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Anne's Time in Hiding

Just weeks after she turned thirteen, on July 5, 1942 Anne’s whole family went into hiding. They hid in the Secret Annex, an empty space at the back of Otto’s work building. They hid with four other people, Fritz Pfeffer, Hermann and Auguste van Pels, and their son Peter. “Would anyone, either a Jew or non- Jew understand this about me, that I am simply a young girl in need of some rollicking fun?” Stated Anne on December 24, 1943, it had been one year and five months that Anne had been in hiding. Anne actually wrote part of her diary in form of a letter to a person named Kitty. Anne always wished that she could go back to playing outside with her friends, but she knew it wasn't safe enough quite yet.

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Concentration Camp and Her Last Days

Sadly on August 4, 1944 Anne and the others she hid with were found. Her last diary entry was on August 1, 1944 and when the Nazis found Anne they did not see her diary and was later found and given to Otto after Edith, Anne, and Margot all died. Anne and Margot were sent to Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp where they stayed for about seven months. Although both Anne and Margot’s death dates are unknown, people at the concentration camp with them said they both had symptoms of typhus before February 7, 1945 and people with typhus usually pass away around twelve days after getting sick. Even though we don’t know the exact day of their deaths we do know that Margot died a couple days before Anne. It is so sad that this awful time took the lives of so many people.
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Wrapping it All Up

It is awful that Adolf Hitler put so much work into doing such a horrible act. I hope Anne’s story inspired you to be part of the good in the world. If you think about it, if the holocaust never happened so many people could still be living today. Anne would be eighty-six years old today. If you haven’t already, you should go pick up your copy of A Diary of a Young Girl. Anne lived a very short life but managed to tell such a story for us all to read.


  • Holocaust- When Adolf Hitler had Nazis go and kill or capture all the Jewish people they could.
  • Concentration Camp- Where the captured Jewish people would go and get tortured to their death.

Anne's Diary

This is a page from Anne's diary where she wrote about what was currently going on in her life. She had many diary entries but did not write in her diary every single day. Her last diary entry was three days before she got captured.