Homelessness Injustice

Stop homelessness today!!!

Some commonly ask questions...

  • What is it? Homelessness is a condition that people fall into when they cannot afford to pay for a place to live, or when their current home is unsafe or unstable. They usually live on the streets until they can afford a place to live, or until it is safe again.

  • Whom does it affect? This affects the people who do not have enough money to afford a place to live. This also can affect the people who do not feel safe in their former environment. There are hundreds of thousands of people who do not have a home, and who do not have food. They have to dig through garbage cans to find stuff they can live off of.

  • Why should there be a memorial? I feel there should be a memorial to raise money for the people who cannot afford their own place to live. Like I have stated previously hundreds of thousands of people live on the streets. I feel that should definitely change. I also believe that the government can donate some money to homeless people. This would definitely change the outlook of the economy.

  • Where? I believe the memorial could be placed anywhere across America honestly. Although after my research I have found that New York has the most current homeless people as a state. The rate of that state is for every 100,000 people there are 399 homeless people. That is just insane.

  • Hope? My hope is to raise awareness for homeless people across America. Also to raise money to provide homes for homeless people. I feel that if we helped even half of the homeless people across America, our society would have a greatly positive change. There or way to many people that live on the streets daily. So let’s all find a way to change that .

Join in on the fight to stop homelessness!!!