The Waldron Weekly ‘20-‘21

volume 4

Principal's Update

Dear Anasazi Families,

We did it! We made it through the first week. Your partnership has been outstanding. There may have been some hiccups along the way, but we are doing our very best to problem solve and thank you for your patience. My hope is that as we continue on our enhanced distance learning journey you will get settled into the learning routine and systemic communication with your child's teacher.

As the week went on you may have noticed your child suffering from a little bit of fatigue.It's been for some 5 months of little or no routine. This can cause a huge adjustment to the system. Please encourage rest, pay attention to sleep patterns, and allow time for movement and healthy meals. On Facebook Live I shared the drastic difference a pair of blue light blocking glasses can be for all of us, but for students especially as they navigate learning from a digital platform. Blue light blocking glasses can ease digital eye strain and reduce glare. This helps reduce headaches and fatigue. These non-prescription glasses can be found easily through multiple common online shopping sites.

Here are some other reminders to make online learning even more successful:

  • LOCATION: Please try to provide a consistent school space within the home. I know that our comfy bed may seem like the best spot, but we ask that students are sitting up and in a space that is conducive to receive instruction.
  • DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: We want to ensure that students are following the Code of Conduct and the online learning expectations as outlined below in multiple resources.
  • PARENT PARTICIPATION: We know that you are your child's biggest advocate. However, if you can see the teacher and the class, they can see you. We politely ask that once your child has successfully joined the class, you are supporting your child, if needed, off camera. We are trying to mirror the "typical" learning environment as best we can. The same goes for parents on or off camera with live microphones asking for their children to participate, change their answer, or providing the "You know this!" responses. Building a foundation to help your child better learn and grow is what we are all here for. We need the most accurate data as educators to plan and meet each child's individual needs. Please let your child answer and do the work on their own. If it's a "wrong" response - that's ok. This is school. This is what we are here for. If your child is not comfortable participating yet, don't worry the time will come and we want them to ease into this as best they can. This can't be easy on them. As my own child said to me this week, "Mom, I love you, but how would you feel if Grandma kept hovering over you as you were with your class learning math?" Ouch - OK. Fully noted. (insert broken mom heart).

Once again I cannot thank you enough for your patience as we navigate enhanced distance learning. Next week you will start to see the shift to more core content teaching. Looking forward to seeing you this week for textbook and materials pick-up. Details can be found below in the newsletter.

Here's to a great Week 2!

Serving your children,

Ms. Jennifer Waldron


Anasazi Elementary School

1st Day of School Pics

Anasazi Upcoming Events

PreK-2nd Materials Pick-Up

Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 5-6:30pm

12121 North 124th Street

Scottsdale, AZ

Please drive up just like you did for our Meet the Teacher/Technology pick-up. Teachers will pass out textbooks and materials needed for enhanced distance learning. Please make sure that these materials are not lost as they are checked out to each student just like a library book. All items will need to come back to school when we meet in person for instruction.

3rd-5th Materials Pick-Up

Thursday, Aug. 20th, 5-6:30pm

12121 North 124th Street

Scottsdale, AZ

Please drive up just like you did for our Meet the Teacher/Technology pick-up. Teachers will pass out textbooks and materials needed for enhanced distance learning. Please make sure that these materials are not lost as they are checked out to each student just like a library book. All items will need to come back to school when we meet in person for instruction.
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A reminder that if your child will not be participating for the day, please call the attendance line 480-484-7360 OR notify the teacher within 24 hours.

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Anasazi Membership Toolkit - Please join or update

As the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), we are excited about this school year and want to make sure you have the information you need to get connected and stay updated on everything that is happening at Anasazi! We plan to use electronic communication mostly this year and it is important to make sure we keep our community in the know especially during these unprecedented times. Please update your information on this site (including updating your student's grade and teacher) to ensure that you are included in all correspondence that relates not only to the school in general but also to your student's grade level. Also as an added convenience, we have added the Library’s “Birthday Book Club” Form and “Sammy Supporter” Form to our website. These forms can now be completed and submitted, and donations can be made directly through the Anasazi PTO website at

August IB Learner Attribute - CARING

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IB in Action from Home

Students who are CARING want people around them to be happy and are sensitive to their needs. They think about the world and work to take care of their community and the environment. They remember to treat others how they themselves would like to be treated. How can parents help to develop students who are caring at home?

  • Be a model for the caring behavior you would like to see in your child all the time. Your child has big eyes and ears and notices everything you do. Using kind words, helping people without being asked, and being an active listener all show your child that you care about people. Even a simple thing, like holding a door for someone, shows your child that you are aware of others around you and want to help them.
  • Think about how your family can get involved with community organizations.
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
  • After reading a book, spend some time considering how the people in the book acted. Was someone in the book caring? All of the time or just some of the time? Were all of the characters in the book caring or just a few?

Suggested Books:

  1. Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, Kevin Henkes
  2. The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein
  3. Yertle the Turtle, Dr. Seuss
  4. The Grouchy Ladybug, Eric Carle

''What Does My Child's School Day Look Like During EDL?"

This is a great, common question. One I am still balancing as a SUSD parent myself.

Schools will use Buzz as a central location for information. Think of it as a landing page for links. No matter if you have a high schooler, middle schooler or elementary student - all will start with Buzz. There will be a single log in and from there you can find the links for your child's virtual classroom. Content will be provided through Zoom, Teams, and/or Google Hangouts. *More details and step by steps will be coming. Teachers are being trained on this and building it this week during our time together.

Attendance is required during EDL, but guidelines from ADE and SUSD are forthcoming on this issue. We understand that there may be a need for a student to complete work “after-hours” and we will work with individual families to try and meet their needs as much as we are able.

Grading: Standards-based grading practices will be followed for grading. This includes late work, missing work, and retakes.

Assignments and Assessments: Students will submit 2 - 3 artifacts (i.e. graphic organizer, writing assignment, etc.) per week to support essential standards and to measure proficiency. Both formative and summative assessments will be given at appropriate times during learning sessions.


  • Grades K-3: 3 - 3.5 hours of synchronous (live with a teacher) instruction and 1 - 1.5 hours of asynchronous (with a teacher, but recorded or similar) instruction per day, which is approximately 20 hours per week
  • Grades 4-5: 4 - 4.5 hours of synchronous (live with a teacher) instruction and 1 - 1.5 hours of asynchronous (with a teacher, but recorded or similar) instruction per day, which is approximately 25 hours per week

**Taken from the SUSD “Return to Learn Plan”.

Because we all need a laugh ...

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Technology Responsibility

SUSD is now a 1:1 district. As a result, all students will have the option to use a District technology device. It is important that students adhere to the Technology and Network Resource Policy and the Technology Responsible Use Agreement found on pages 17 - 19 of the SUSD Uniform Code of Conduct. While students in grades 7 - 12 already use District 'susdgapps' e-mail accounts, students in grades K - 6 will soon have a gapps e-mail account assigned to them, as well. All of the same rules and expectations apply to them. You can learn about Digital Citizenship by visiting

*Taken from SUSD email briefing on 7/31/20.

SUSD Technology Support

Visit the Information Technology page ( of the SUSD website for information and user guides for your student's Surface Go and Chromebooks. You will also see information there on how to change a student password. We have also created a video for students that instructs them on how to access their online learning platforms.

To help your student's school year get off to a great start, we have compiled a parent resource document that you can use to familiarize yourself with the online learning and communications platforms your student will be using. Find that document here.

Having issues or need some assistance? Please contact the IT Help Desk at 480-484-HELP (4357) for assistance with your technology-related questions. The IT Help Desk is holding special hours this weekend and will be open to assist from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday August 8 and Sunday, August 9.

*Taken from SUSD Communication email 8/7/20.

Code of Conduct Acknowledgement and Updates

The Code of Conduct Release Form has recently been updated. Please note the following two additions:

1. Student Gmail Accounts (

As explained above, previously, this permission was previously only applicable to students in grades 7 - 12. Due to the expansion of distance learning for all students, we are asking parents/guardians of all K - 12 students to tell us whether we have permission to issue a Gmail account to your student(s). Please note, students will only be able to send and receive e-mails within the SUSD Gmail system. They will not be able to send or receive messages to or from external sources.

2. COVID-19 Acknowledgement

As a prerequisite for the District's insurance coverage, the Scottsdale Unified School District is required to have families acknowledge that regardless of all of our efforts to comply with the safety guidelines for prevention, we cannot guarantee that people will not be exposed to the coronavirus, COVID-19. The District has made the decision not to require a waiver, but the acknowledgment is deemed important.

SUSD Uniform Code of Conduct

*Taken from SUSD Communication email 8/7/20.

Enhanced Distance Learning (EDL) Camps for SUSD Kindergarten through 8th Grade Students

Enhanced Distance Learning (EDL) Camps

SUSD will host onsite student-support programs at select schools within the district, beginning Monday, August 10 in a program we call Enhanced Distance Learning (EDL) camps. These camps are for families that need a supervised place for students to go while school sites are closed. Camps are available during regular school hours, free of charge, to currently enrolled Scottsdale Unified families. While our initial five EDL camps have filled up, we are looking at the possibility of adding additional sites to accommodate the needs of our families. If you are interested in an EDL Camp, please express that by completing this form.

*Taken from SUSD Communication email 8/7/20.

Walk-In Learning Lab for Middle School and High School Students

SUSD will open a 'walk-in' Learning Lab at Coronado High School beginning August 17 for District middle and high school students. Final details are in the works. It is possible that similar labs will be available at the other four high school sites in the coming weeks.

*Taken from SUSD email briefing on 7/31/20.

Our Front Office is Under Construction *** Emails may be received faster than calls.

Front Office Contacts

Dijana Schlegelmilch

Administrative Support Coordinator

Elise Hepner

Administrative Support Assistant/Registration

Renee Tosto


Andrea Martin

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Waldron


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About Us

Anasazi is an International Baccalaureate® (IB) candidate school for the Primary Years Program (PYP).

Our Mission - Anasazi is a diverse learning community committed to fostering a rigorous, compassionate, and inquiry-based environment, that empowers students to be globally competitive in a complex and changing world.

Our Vision - Empower and inspire each child to become life-long learners, within a culture of academic excellence, creativity and critical thinking, to take action and serve in our global community.