Gesture Hand to Hand

Sarah and Kylie


When reasearching China we discovered many new and interesting facts about gestures the Chinese use. The gestures Chinese use differ greatly from what we are used to in America.


When the chinese are in a crowd they are comfortable with someone touching them, although with a stranger it is uncomforting. They would prefer a simple smile or pat on the back. In some parts of China a handshake will be accepted as a welcome. In this culture feelings are valued greatly and therefore should be kept to an individual.

Approaching One Another

Rather than pointing at something with an index finger like Americans, the chinese use their whole hand. When one offers a gift, the recipitent of the gift should deny multiple times to show proper manners. When the chinese are surprised they will suck air loudly and quickly through their mouth and when clearing their throat they are expected to spit.

Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements in china are valued greatly. The main guests are required to sit at the head of the room facing towards the door, the host must have their back to the door. When dining the host should sit to the right of the guest of honor.