The News in Russia

Created By: Callee Dempewolf

After Chernobyl

In Ukraine, on April 26, 1986 a Nuclear bomb exploded and caught on fire. The “ radioactive” cloud reached up to 3,280 feet up into the sky.

The wind carried the radiation into central Europe.

One material has a “half time” which means in thirty years half of the atoms will still be radioactive.The explosion happened when Ukraine was the Soviet Union.

People in Ukraine still not have returned to their homes, they might never be able to because there is still radiation still in metal and other materials they own.

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Trans-Siberian Railroad

Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest railroad in the world and still runs till this day.The railroad began to get built in 1891 and they finished the railroad in 1961.For this railroad many people were enlisted or selected, many people like Russian peasants, convicts, and soldiers.

Goods on the train travel from China all the way to East Asia, and Europe.One challenge that the train has is the gauge or width of the tracks. At the borders the containers need to be transferred.

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Climate and Culture

Culture is a group that live their life in a unique.

Almost 30 different native people live in the tundra or taiga area in Siberia in Russia.Some people known as Nenets, still live as nomads, and they move from place to place.In Russia and parts of Central Asia, rich soil and moderate climate, meaning cold winters and warm summers, they all are suited to agriculture.People to survive had to make yurts are traditional hats made from wool pushed together.

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