Tech Tuesday Tips

February 14, 2017

Pilot Update

  • Go by Carly Porter's room to check out the Laptops being piloted
  • Stop by Jeremy Morgan's room to check out the Chromebooks
  • Ask Lisha Davis, Rita Gongora, and Jeff Platt what they think of Google Classroom
  • Check in with Tori Shoenfeld, Jennifer German, Liz Hagins to see what Schoology is like

Nearpod Collaborate

Nearpod has added a new collaborate feature! You and your students can share text and images in real time. Look for the new feature in the Add Activity section as seen below;
Big image

Google Expeditions

Take your class on a virtual field trip. Click the link below to find step-by-step instructions or invite Amy/Rhonda to come help you. There is a searchable list of all the available Google Expeditions below.