Are You Our Next President?

Full Time Job

Do you think you could fill the shoes that run America?

  • You must be 35 years old, a natural born U.S. citizen, and have lived in the U.S. for more than 14 years.
  • Some qualities we wish for you have are, a good personality, a good speaker, strong individual, and a background of the military.
  • You must be on your best behavior at all times, if accused of crime, treason, or bribery, you will be removed from office immediately.

What Happens after I'm Elected?

  • You will start in the office on January 20th and be sworn in.
  • Your duties will be needed for four years, unless elected for another term.
  • Your salary is $400,000 a year.

Who is going to elect me?

  • The people of America will vote for who they would like as president.
  • Then the Electoral College( Representative or representatives of each state) votes and whoever gets 270 votes from the electoral college becomes president.

What are my benefits?

You will receive your own chefs, butlers, doctors, numerous cars, and special tax reductions.

What will be my duties?

  • Chief Executive
  • Commander in Chief
  • Foreign Policy Leader
  • Chief Agenda Setter
  • Chief Model Citizen
  • Party Leader