by Tessa Lowmiller


The internet is a very fun place! You can talk online with friends, share the recent news, and meet new people. However, there can be dangers online as well, people could impersonate as you and ruin your reputation, and worse. It could end up out of the virtual world and into the real one. This could be dangerous, so it's better to think before speak, or in this case type. This poster will help you make the internet fun for you, and everyone!


Always remember, there are other people on the internet too, and they can see the things you post. You could send a picture to your friend, and then they could send it to someone else, it could end up everywhere, especially when you don't want it too. So, think before you post, does it need to be shared online? What will be the consequences? Also, if your writing about someone, get the permission from that person and make sure they are cool with it. You can get in trouble with the person you wrote about, because a million other people shared a bad thing about that person. So, just think about how this would effect others.




You don't need to yell at the people online. Remember, caps and bold is the same as yelling. If you start a fight, it will have bigger consequences. If you get mad, just put the device down, and cool down. After a while, you can get on your device. Just tone it down, to keep the yelling down. It's not that hard


No one wants to get bullied, especially online, and no one should. If you see someone being cyber bullied, stand up for the person being bullied. The bully will eventually stop, it's a lose-lose game, the person being bullied feels bad, and make the bully look bad. You can stand up and help put a stop to cyber bullying and make the internet fun for everyone!
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Impersonating is wrong, so don't do it. Just imagine if you were in the shoes of the person being impersonated. You probably will feel scared, angry, and most of all, in danger. You could get blamed for something you didn't even do. If you are being impersonated, save the evidence and ask a trusted adult. You could make a difference, and be safe online.


If you see something wrong, inappropriate, or something that could hurt another person, report it. The person who made the website can delete the post, and the site would be safe again. You can also tell an adult if you are not sure what to do, they will help you clean up the bad stuff on the internet. Always report something not right, you can make it better for everyone to use.


If someone is harassing you, save the evidence, and tell a trusted adult. Harassment isn't cool ether so don't do it. This kind of thing is dangerous and has major consequences. If you are unsure, just don't respond and the person who is harassing you, should eventually stop.


You can help make a difference for people online. Just report bad things, and stand up for each other. Just remember these rules, and tell your friends. Keep it safe.
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