Lower School Weekly Announcements

April 11-15/ Q4/ Week 4

3rd Grade - ACT Aspire Testing - April 11-15

As partners in your children’s education, it is important to ensure that they are prepared for each step along their educational journey. One way to determine student preparedness is through assessment; therefore we will be administering the ACT Aspire to our students during the month of April. All of our 3rd - 4th grade students have taken two ACT Aspire Interim assessments throughout the course of the school year. This data has shown us progression/ regression which has facilitated individual tracking for our students and teachers. ACT Aspire will give us important information that will allow us to determine how your child is progressing at his/her current grade level, as well as along his/her overall path toward future college and career readiness.

ACT Aspire will tell us which important skills, abilities, and knowledge our students have now, and which ones still need to be learned in order to be successful in school and in the future. ACT Aspire will help your child’s teacher understand where he/she is succeeding, as well as where extra help or academic focus is needed. ACT Aspire will also provide specific suggestions for improving skills.

In preparation for these tests, please remember the following:

  1. This year, our 3rd-4th grade students will be using the ACT Aspire instead of ERB or Stanford Achievement Test as used in previous years. These standardized achievement tests help us determine how your child compares with others and themselves and helps us align our curriculum for optimal success. While we do want students to do well on these tests, we do not want to produce unnecessary anxiety about this testing time. Pray with your children and encourage them to relax and to do their best. Remind your children that they are not expected to know everything on the test, but should give each question their best try.
  2. All ACT Aspire achievement tests are taken online in the Lower School computer lab.
  3. Please schedule all doctor/dentist appointments so that they are after school. It is extremely important for students to be at school during their scheduled week.
  4. Please be sure that your child has plenty of rest and a good breakfast each morning. This is very important. Consider the possibility of a thirty minute earlier bed time.
  5. Your child must be at school each day by 8:00 A.M. so that the testing may start on time. If your child arrives after testing has begun, he/she will not be allowed to enter the classroom until the testing is completed.
  6. Although these tests are taken online, each student must have available for use two Number 2 pencils with erasers for scratch work.

Thank you for your cooperation in the above areas. Call our office if you have any questions.

This Week...

Active Shooter Drill - April 13

Dear Northlake families,

On Wednesday, April 13 which is our next half-day dismissal, we will be hosting an active shooter drill in conjunction with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Department, Tulane Primate Center Security, and Fire District 12. This mock drill is another part of the security plan we have been working on all year with our consultant. Since last July, we have updated our Emergency Action Plan, held teacher trainings, and updated our facilities in order to provide the safest and best prepared campus possible. A small group of seniors and juniors will be involved, but we will be shutting down the campus via Wolverine Drive from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m for this drill. Parents picking up from the ELC and K-12 after-school care should enter from our new road. More information on after-care pick-up locations will be coming out soon. We have also notified our local business and community neighbors so as to not cause any concerns.

We are looking forward to a productive afternoon of training and appreciate your cooperation in preparation for this day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 985-635-0507.

For His Glory,

Monty Fontenot

Head of School

NOTE: Due to the nature of this drill, all After Care will take place in the slim gym where students can be pickup up if you arrive before 4:00 P.M.

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Next Week...

Wolverine Wear Orders - April 13-22

The first 2016-17 Wolverine Spirit Wear ordering window is open from April 13-22! If you are interested in purchasing the official spirit wear (NCS t-shirts and sweatshirts, football fan shirts in preparation for the fall season (only to be worn by fans, not players for practice), and hat, please see the instructions below for our ordering procedures. Remember, when you order here, your purchases benefit the Wolverine Booster Club (parent athletic association).

Please CLICK HERE for more information on the items that are being offered, but ALL items will be ordered and paid for online. Samples of all of these items are available in the Upper School office to check sizing. Please check sizing before placing order if you need as there are NO RETURNS.

Ordering Details:

1. Between April 13-22, go to www.bsnsports.com and click on "My Team Shop" logo.

2. Click "Login Now" and enter access code "wolver7D3".

3. Add items you want to purchase to your cart, then checkout, paying by credit card.

4. Please read the entire description of each item before ordering to ensure that you are purchasing exactly what you want. If the item is a youth size, it will say "youth". If not stated then the item is an adult size. Order carefully as NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

5. When entering your student's LAST NAME, please, please, please put the child's 16-17 grade level behind it. For example: John Smith 8. This will assist us greatly in quickly distributing the orders once they arrive.

6. If problems, use "Live Chat" or e-mail NCS Coordinator, Angelle Lyman at angellelyman@bellsouth.net. Order ships to NCS in 2-3 weeks. PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTACT ANGELLE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! Please do not contact BSN directly as it slows down the ordering process.

7. Please ONLY use the access code on the above referenced flyer. No older codes will work during this ordering window.

8. Please note that outerwear (crew sweatshirt, hoody sweatshirt, etc.) may worn daily as a part of the regular school uniform but all other items (t-shirts, polo shirts, & visor) may only be worn on "spirit days".

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Camp Northlake and Summer Sports Camps

Summer fun begins at Northlake! Registration for athletic camps and Camp Northlake are now available online! CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIST OF SPORTS CAMPS and CLICK HERE TO VISIT CAMP NORTHLAKE'S WEBSITE.

Looking Ahead...


April 11-15, 3rd Grade ACT Aspire Standardized Testing

April 12, 4th Grade Middle School preview day – 10:00-12:00

April 13, 11:30 Dismissal and Smoothies

April 15, Kindergarten to Culinary Kids

April 16, Variety Show

April 18, Football meeting with Coach Agresta for current 2nd-11th parents

April 18-22, 4th Grade ACT Aspire Standardized Testing

April 20, Q4 Midterm

April 21, commUNITY event - Chick-fil-A Night

April 22, ACSI Art Festival

April 22, 1st Grade to Liuzza Farm

April 29, 4th Grade to Swamp Tour

April 29-May 1, Mystery Dinner Theater