Ms. Lowe's Future Classroom

Helping to Promote Literacy in the Classroom

Bear Claw Bathtub Reading Station

One idea that I heard about and have always wanted to incorporate into my classroom is a bathtub reading area. This would ideally be a bear claw bath tub filled with pillows and blankets that would be able to hold 2-4 students at a time. I hope to have many relaxed reading stations in my classroom and students would rotate to the different stations on a weekly basis in order to ensure all students had an opportunity at the stations. This center would have students excited for reading time due to the fun aspect of the station.

Classroom Library Organization

Research shows that an organized and easy to access classroom library makes a huge difference in students reading in the classroom. I hope to have bookshelves all around my classroom that are organized using baskets instead of just placing the books on the shelves. I hope to teach younger grades so I would plan to have the books organized by grade level and topic to have a simple system for the students. Having face out books in the classroom is important as well and so the tops of shelves along with a few random shelves would be used to display face out books. Books in the baskets could be face out as well, they just my not be fully exposed. The baskets also make it easier for students to find a book quickly, on level, and makes for easy re-shelving as well.

Lamp Shades

To accompany my bathtub and my other reading spots around my classroom I would also like to include items such as lamps. Items like lamps work to create a more homey and relaxed environment in the classroom that allows students to get in the mood for reading. This just works with everything else to create a comfortable reading environment.

This Classroom is Guaranteed to Promote Reading!!!