Buisness Plan

Ethical Fried Chicken - By Shahin Miah

Executive Summary

My business Ethical Fried Chicken is a fast food take away shop; it will be an inviting, relaxed and cosy food environment with some seating booths seating 20 people, for customers who want to eat their food inside, there will also be a large sized screen for adverts and general TV. There will be clearly displayed wall menu with food names, prices and eye-catching images so customers can see what is on offer and order with ease. The customers will mainly be local people as there is a local market, College and Secondary School, and there is also many local businesses within close proximity. There will be a front counter with food on display in heated glass display units, the Kitchen will be based at the back, with some view from the front counter this way customers will see how the food is being prepared, these features making this unique for this type of fast food business and putting me a step ahead of my competitors.

I will be the founder and owner of the business, there will be no partnerships for Ethical Fried Chicken as I will work as a sole proprietor. The fast food industry seems to be growing rapidly, for my business I have plans for development after a successful 2 years of the business being open I would like to improve the take away redecorating, new furniture, appliancesand equipment. By the 5th year if the business is successful I will like to expand and open a second business in a different area.

The money I will use to open and run the business will come from different sources. Most will be from personal savings and financial support from friends and family as well as this I will be applying for a business loan of £20,000. The loan will help me with the start-up costs for the business. It will cover the deposit and the licensing of the shop, some of the initial bills such as gas and electricity, the decorating and furniture costs as well as some of the marketing such as signs, menus and promotional tools. The ways in which the loan will ensure my business is profitable are by giving me a good start with professional marketing, ensuring that things are done properly and that the take away is well promoted especially in the local area, having all the essentials of starting up a business covered, this will start me off in a positive way and make the opening a smooth one giving the business the best possible chance of success.

Mission Statement

Ethical Fried Chicken offers a variety of fast food, all meat is halal and healthy. Our food is cooked with care, served with a smile in an environment which is clean, relaxed and with entertainment in the form of music and a large screen plasma TV.


Ethical Fried Chicken (EFC) has set the following objectives for the first one year of the launch of business:

To offer high-quality food and a wonderful experience at reasonable prices

  • To have a different feel to the other takeaway shops that are in the area

  • Be known in the local community and build a loyal customer base


  • (Sales target – enter figures for 1st year)

  • (Enter a monthly profit margin)

  • Achieve a customer base of at least ??? each month for the first 6 month

Business Philosophy

It is important that Ethical Fried Chicken caters to its customers’ needs, it is very important that I provides good quality food at a reasonable price that offers value for money. I will market the take away at the local community in particular local traders, students and people that live and work within close proximity.

The fast food industry is a very popular one and it’s growing rapidly, in the future I can see take away shops becoming more customer friendly. Not only serving fast food but ensuring that it is served in an environment that makes the customer feel relaxed, making sure that the whole experience is a pleasant one. The fast food shop that I will open will have a diner feel to it, making it not only a fast food restaurant but a place where people can come to and feel relaxed, making them want to eat in and feel at home whilst they eat their food, this is something that many take away shops have not yet achieved making my business unique. By doing so I am strengthening the chances of success, I am hoping that because of this it will attract and secure a loyal customer base.

My personal strengths are that I have worked in a restaurant before, observing the positives and negatives of this type of business and taking this on board for the start-up of my own. I have studied on a Business course in College for 2 years, this taught me administration skills, customer service and helped me understand the concept of business and the financial aspects of opening and running a business of my own.

My competitor’s strengths would be their experience, as they would have already established their business and therefore have a customer base already. They may also have the opportunity to put on more special offers and they would already be aware of their profit margin as well as their monthly income and expenditure.

I will be sole proprietor the reason I have chosen to be the sole proprietor is that I will be in charge of all aspects of the business and responsible for the decision making. I am very independent and feel that due to my previous education and employment I have the necessary skills and experience for this, so felt it best to do this alone. I also didn’t feel the need to go into the partnership as I was able to obtain the finances to start-up without doing so.

Products and Services

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