Angie Linen, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

By Peri Fowler


S.H.I.E.L.D. is weak, and HYDRA is strong. But the Avengers still fight, and they now have a new member: Dragon Ninja, A.K.A: Angie Linen. Hawkeye, Tony Stark, Captain America, and Maria Hill are Angie's new partners. They go from Manhattan to Montreal in Angie's first true adventure, and form new bonds when they must save Angie from HYDRA.

Rising Action

Tony Stark snickered at Angie Linen. The newest member of the Avengers had said that she could take Stark down with only her nunchucks and he did not believe her. "I think that you just like to boast and that youve never actually fought with those nunchucks." Taunted Stark. Angie just gripped her nunchucks and stared at him. They then got a call from Director Coulson and the impending fight was called off. "Avengers, we need you to go to Montreal and defeat some HYDRA we found there.", said the Director. "Montreal!" exclaimed Hawkeye in surprise. "I know it's a bit out of your normal range" "A bit!" scoffed Stark underneath his breath. "But you're the closest SHIELD branch." "Yes, sir." said Hill drily. When Cap, Hill, Angie, Hawkeye and Stark all made it up to the roof, there was already a SHIELD jet waiting. After everybody got in the quinjet, it blasted off. 45 minutes later they were hovering over Montreal, Canada. Hawkeye got out his bow, Cap pulled on his shield, Stark flipped his mask closed, Hill loaded up her gun, and Angie got her nunchucks ready. They dropped down in front of the old warehouse one by one. Angie and Hawkeye quickly ambushed the 2 sentries. Iron Man broke down the door, and the Avengers burst in. The HYDRA agents were surprised for a bit, then they quickly gathered themselves and ran at the heroes. Angie fought like a whirlwind, whacking at ankles, wrists, weapons. She dispatched each enemy with a quick whap to the head. When the battle was done, Starks voice sounded over her earpiece. " Remind me NEVER to question your battle skills again." Everybody laughed. Angie heard footsteps behind her, and felt a hard blow to the back of her head. She heard Hawkeye scream her name and then just blackness. She woke up from cold. She felt a hard slab beneath her and smelled damp air. She opened her eyes and found herself staring at HYDRAs sigil on a wall in front of her. She heard a door slide open and forced her head to turn. She saw her interrogators chest, then made herself look up. "Oh no...." she whispered quietly. Hawkeye was in Avengers Tower, pacing an endless circle in front of the giant window. "Will you please stop pacing, you're driving me crazy!" shouted Stark. Hawkeye paused and raised an eyebrow at him. "Sorry." mumbled Tony. "Barton, I got something!" shouted Hill. Hawkeye ran over to the computer where Hill was. "She is.... underneath the same warehouse we busted earlier today." "What are you waiting for, lets go!" shouted Hawkeye. Back in the secret HYDRA base, Angie was staring in horror at the face of her brother, James Linen. "Yes, Angie. I joined your new groups worst enemy. Shocking, isn't it?" he asked mockingly. "Dear sister," he said, "I want you to tell me where Director Fury is, and where your new headquarters are." "Never!" she shouted, " and don't call me sister. As far as I'm concerned, my brother's dead." James face twisted with anger. He made a quick call, and soon Angie's door opened again. Two men carrying a tub of water entered and set the tub down. then they went to stand by the door. "We have ways of making you talk." James said cruelly. In the skies above Montreal, Hawkeye was getting ready to drop down from the quinjet. "Remember, no backup, so be careful." Hawkeye gave a curt nod. Then he dropped down. Angie was laying on her slab, her head and hair soaked. She heard scuffling outside her door and then Hawkeye came in. He picked her up, since she was to weak to walk and she wrapped her arms around to steady herself. Angie started to cry. Several weeks later Angie was in her bed resting. She heard a knock at her door. "Come in" she called. Hawkeye came in and smiled at her. "Hey." said Angie. "Hey yourself." said Hawkeye, "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to dinner tonight." he asked, biting his lip. "Sure." said Angie with a smile.